Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It's okay...

According to BabyCenter.com all is okay to venture out now!!
Congratulations — your baby is full term! This means that if your baby arrives now, his lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb, even though your due date is still three weeks away.

No, no, no - I am not going to rush him!! He's my baby boy and he'll get here when he's good and ready - I'm not going to be a pushy mama!! Maybe I'll try to the guilt route, though! LOL Gotta save up all the painful stories from this gestation period to put onto him when he isn't acting right!! Ha ha! Of course I would never do that either. My parents have never tried to guilt me for anything - or any of my siblings - and I would never be so terrible as to do that to my children either. So baby boy, you just take your time until you're good and ready to say hello to us!

I think we finally have his room ready - I need to take some pictures. I have a few more prints that need to get hung up (this weekend hopefully) and the valance over the window needs to be hung - otherwise it's all finished. It's very simple, but very cute I think.

And I think we have decided on a name. It's funny b/c it's a name I recommended way back when and of course, Michael didn't like it (why do men think the idea has to be theirs to be any good?), so I moved on from that name. Weeks and weeks later after not coming up with anything else that suited us both BAM! up pops this name again only from Michael. He now likes it and it's his favorite - I on the other hand had moved on like I told you, so now I'm having to warm up to it again. What's the name you ask...

Aaron Michael Kubeczka

Now keep in mind, it's not settled 100%, written in stone, go out and get it embroidered onto everything - it's the front runner. It's Michael's favorite name now and I am working back to liking it as much as I did when I first suggested it and he ran all over it!!! Don't get me wrong - I do like the name (otherwise would I have suggested it?) - I like that it isn't very common. I only knew one Aaron growing up - he was my best friend's little brother actually - I know there are a few celebrities with the name, too:

  • Aaron Allston, game designer and author of Star Wars books

  • Aaron Burr, American politician and adventurer

  • Aaron Carter, musician

  • Aaron Davis, Canadian musician(pianist), former leader of the Aaron Davis Band and member of the Holly Cole Trio

  • Aaron Eckhart, from "The Core" and other movies

  • Aaron Neville, from the Neville Brothers, solo artist, also known for singing duets with Linda Ronstadt

  • Aaron Sorkin, creator of "The West Wing"

  • Aaron Tippin, country musician

  • Aaron Rodgers - NFL Quarterback

(okay, so I don't know who ALL those people are, though...)

Aaron was the brother of Moses - the name means "Mountain of Strength" - it is derived from the Hebrew name Aharon which is most likely of Egyptian origin (cool that its origin is Egyptian like me).

So - Emma & Aaron? They sound good together, too. And it's cute to hear Emma say "Aaron"!


  1. Awww...I love it! Aaron just had his baby Jan 26,2010 and named him Brennon Cade. You are going to love having a girl and boy close together in age. Trevin and Kailee are two years apart. They played well together when they were younger and still watch out for each other.

  2. I like it! I think it's a simple and cute name... and not one of those names where there seems to be a "reputation" carried with it. For example, all the Austin's I've known have been VERY rambunctious, and troublemakers. I knew an Aaron growing up also, and he's a sweet guy that's very family oriented. Maybe that has something to do with the meaning of the name :)

  3. Dude! Why are men like that with names?


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