Had a bad night...

Thursday, February 04, 2010
I had a headache when I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday, which I mentioned to the nurse as she was taking my BP b/c I knew it would be up - and sure enough it was. I don't know which causes which, but anytime I have a headache my BP is up. I hadn't been feeling wonderful all day as it was and before my doctor's appointment I had to rush home to meet the guy to look at our heater - which of course was working fine while he was there and then this morning it didn't want to come on again when I tried to get the house warm while we were getting dressed. Great - gotta make another phone call. I think we're about to have another cold snap and we can't be without heat. My parents of course said we could stay with them if it got too cold & wasn't fixed, but maybe this time they'll be able to figure out the problem.

So...as I was saying, I hadn't really been feeling great all day as it was and then was rushing home from work and then rushing back out to my doctor's office and knew my BP was high. I thought the good news of "thinking" the heater was fixed along with the good news that we're finally making progress (I'm now dilated to 1cm and 50% effaced) would make me happy & calm, but maybe it was just too much for one day for me at 37 weeks. I don't know, but the headache just continued to get worse as the day went on. So I picked up Emma and headed home - told Michael he had dinner duties and tried to lay down for a while hoping it would get better.

It didn't.

It never did.

It just continued to get worse as the night went on.

I put Emma to bed and laid down with her a while before going to bed early myself - I had ice on my head most of the evening, but it didn't really help much either. I was nauseous all night. I didn't sleep most of the night. Kept getting up thinking I was going to be sick and then the movement would cause more pain to my head. I took a Tylenol at some point during the night, but of course that doesn't really do much, but it's all I can take. It rained all night and stormed - the electricity went off once - and I was up for all that.

This morning I slept in a little and Emma woke up early and came in to snuggle with me. I finally got up, but it was slow going. I sipped on a coke for the nausea and finally felt like I wouldn't have to call in sick. I may regret that and be leaving work early today if I don't really improve this morning.

I wish I could thoroughly describe how my headaches feel. Honestly, childbirth is the only pain that I can think of that comes close. It's a sharp, throbbing pain over my left eye that cuts way back into my head - it's like someone is driving a hot poker into my head ripping my skull open. And if I happen to sneeze or cough - then it's Katy Bar the Door b/c the pain is just intensified at least ten-fold!! It's been that way for over a decade now - I was scared for years I had something going on - like a clot or something crazy like that right there, but I've had CT scans and they always come back normal. It's just where my migraines reside I guess. Does anyone else who has migraines have such a concentrated pain like that??? I was lucky during my pregnancy with Emma b/c I did not have one headache - which is odd b/c my BP was up a lot when I was pregnant with her. This time around everything has just gone perfect, but I've had a few bad migraines still. :(

Well, I am going to see how today goes and if by lunch time I'm still feeling puny I may take a half day and go home to bed...

I am still exciting about finally making progress baby-wise, though!! It's only 1cm and could be this way for a month, but at least something is happening!!