Aaron's Arrival

Saturday, February 27, 2010
Aaron & his daddy are asleep - Emma is watching Dora (I'm making her some honey toast) - so I figured I had a few moments to finally sit down and write about Aaron Michael's arrival!!

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, the 22nd - the day before my due date actually. I had an ultrasound just to make sure everything was looking good -which it was. Aaron was measuring to be about 8lbs 6oz - a big boy already! The plan was that if I didn't go into labor on my own I was going to be induced the next Tuesday, March 2nd (Mom's b'day, too actually!!). So, Monday I got all the paperwork in order for me to finish out the week at work and then start maternity leave the following Monday - the day before I would be induced. Since I still hadn't made any progress in the past three weeks I figured it was safe to assume the induction would come to be...ummm, what's that saying about assumption!?!? So, Monday when I left work I left my laptop at work and all the work lined out for the rest of the week to finish before I left.

We went to bed pretty early Monday night, but were up every hour or so for a while - first Emma got up a couple of times - and of course I was up just b/c I couldn't sleep - too uncomfortable or I had to go to the bathroom AGAIN. The 2nd time I got up to go to the bathroom was around 1:45. I was just thankful it waited until I sat down in the bathroom, but the moment I did my water broke!! I hollered for Michael and when he jumped up I told him my water broke. He was so funny - running around grabbing clothes asking, "Are you sure? Are you sure?" LOL! I knew we still had plenty of time so I told him to just slow down and relax and I called my parents  then went to brush my teeth! My bags were already in the car and I already had clothes laid out for Emma for the next day anyway so I grabbed those and we got her buckled in the car in her pj's. I also grabbed her sleeping bag b/c I hoped she would just go back to sleep on the couchbed in my room. It was about 2:15 in the morning when we made it to the hospital and only about five minutes later we got into triage to get checked out - we were only there about five minutes, too before we were put into a room.

Just like with Emma, even though my water had broke I still hadn't made much progress otherwise. I was still only dilated to 1cm and Aaron hadn't dropped at all so, of course, that meant the evil Pitocin, which was started right away and followed not long after by painful contractions. Skipping all the gory details, when it came time to start pushing for real I was only able to push a few times b/c Aaron was in distress - I didn't know what exactly happened until later, but the cord was wrapped around his neck and every time I had a contraction his heart rate dropped way down into the 50's and he was still pretty high. I heard my doctor tell one of the nurses to get the room ready to take me for a c-section that they baby wasn't coming out fast enough - then she put the suction cup on & told me we were going to try that once and then we were going for  c-section. Apparently, though he made a lot of movement the first time she used the suction cup so she had me try once more - I was pretty scared about going for a c-section and the looks on Michael and mother's faces told me they were worried, too - that was a pretty good motivator to push as hard as I could and that was what it took to get Aaron here!! I was so relieved - it was just like with Emma - we were down to a final push or we were going for a c-section with her, too b/c she was still very high like Aaron. Aaron was nearly a pound heavier than her, though.

He officially made it here at 10:21AM, weighing 8lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long!

I was tired, but so thrilled to finally hold my son!! I got the Mommy-Shakes soon after (just like I did with Emma) and I think it kinda worried Emma b/c she told me to make my teeth "quit doing that" (chattering) and she was a little nervous to get too close to me. I think she was worried about her mommy! She was a little hesitant about getting too close to her brother at first, too but it wasn't long until she was ready to take on her big sister role!

We were surprised to learn we only had to stay one night - at first I had a few complications that my doctor was worried about, but before the next morning they had it under control. After they knew I was going to be fine & Aaron checked out fine they told us we had a choice to stay one more night or go home - ummm...my bed is so much more comfy!!!

We took Aaron on Thursday for his first newborn checkup and my pedi (who wasn't the one who checked him out in the hospital) discovered that it seemed his collarbone was broken. She sent us right away to get an x-ray and made an appointment to see Aaron again on Friday after the x-rays. The x-ray did confirm his right clavicle was fractured. She assured us it wasn't something that was uncommon - that it happened often and that it would be fine. When we found out about it & went for the x-ray I was a bit of an emotional basketcase - and I was mad, too b/c it wasn't discovered before we left the hospital. Another reason I love our pedi b/c she never misses anything - or hasn't so far. She told us it would heal on its own, there was nothing to do about it. She just advised us to dress his right arm first so it would be easier to get his arm in his sleeve and not pull more than necessary. He doesn't appear to be bothered by it at all - he still raises his arm up over his head and moves it around as much as the other arm. Sometimes when he is sleeping his right arm is at his side as opposed to curled up under his chin like his left arm and he has a bruise on his shoulder - he'll eventually get a knot (callous from the fracture) on his shoulder that will also go away - and within a few weeks he'll be perfectly healed.

I know all this - that he is going to be just fine - but it is still hard to know my baby boy already has something like this happening to him. I feel a lot better after the assurance we received from his pediatrician and seeing him and knowing he isn't in a lot of pain, I'm just ready for him to be healed and have this behind him.

He is doing very good at home, too. He is a very good baby - he is happy and content most of the time - he lets me know when he's hungry of course and doesn't like me "doctoring" his belly button or his circumcision. And Emma is being a great big sister!! The only real difference I've seen in her is she seems to be getting hurt more often - my baby girl is tough and usually if she falls, she jumps up and brushes it off and go on her way. Now every time she bumps anything she gets a little whiny, "Mommy, I hurt myself" - think she is looking for just a little bit more attention, don't you?? She sure seems to love her little brother, though. She always wants to hold him and wants to help do things for him. She's been home all week with us, but next week she is going to start going to the babysitter three days a week - that way she'll keep her regular routine and get to see her friends and I'll be able to get plenty of rest. This week Michael has been home, too but he has to go back to work on Monday :( and my mother is going to come stay with us for the week.

I'm doing pretty good, too - though yesterday I think I over did it a bit. We were out at the pediatrician's for a while, then had to stop at the store for some things and I paid for it when we got home - I was in quite a bit of pain from being up on my feet more than I should have.

I've updated my album with pictures from the hospital - they are all here.