Spoiled Surprise

Friday, January 08, 2010
Saturday is Michael's b'day (he's going to be 33! Hee hee!) and I decided something I wanted to get him was a new fishing rod. See a while back I broke a very nice, brand-new, never used fishing rod when I shut it in the car door. It's been up in East Texas at the camp house ever since and I haven't be allowed to forget I broke it. So...this year I decided to replace it.

I went out yesterday in the cold, without a jacket (yeah, I knew the temp was going to drop, I just didn't grab my coat) and shopped around and got help from my brother and some other guys to find the right fishing rod for him. Bought it. Put it in the car. On the way home I pick up Emma and of course she sees it (can't hide it in the car) and asks about it.

Me: It's for daddy. For his birthday.

Emma: It's a fishing pole???

Me: Yes baby, but you can't tell daddy.

Emma: It's a surprise???

Me: Yes baby, but please don't tell daddy. Okay?

Emma: Okay!! It's a surprise for daddy!!

So, we get home and I think all is good b/c she knows it's a surprise and we hide it in the garage before going into the house. And she doesn't mention it again!

We go in, put our stuff down, take off our her coat (b/c I forgot mine, remember?) and go find daddy. We talk for a while and I think all is fine b/c nothing is said about it, THEN...

Emma: Daddy, I got you a surprise!!!

Michael: Really? You got me a surprise??

Emma: {grinning} Yeah, mommy got you a surprise!!

(At this point I think, "Yay - she's teasing him, but isn't going to say anything...")

Michael: Really? What is it??

Me: Dont' tell Emma - remember it's a surprise!

Emma: Yeah, it's a surprise!! It's a FISHING POLE!!!


No - she didn't just give it away!?!? Yep - she surely did!!! So, out I went to get it and go ahead and give it to him. No point in trying to hide it when she plainly told him what I had for him. Is it really great that she is so alert and aware of EV.ERY.THING!?!?! So, come Saturday he won't have a fishing rod to unwrap after all.

On an up note for the evening I made a killer meal of shrimp & chicken fajitas for us! I'm using a new recipe for Mexican rice that is amazing (I'll share it if you like)! I love it!! I'm actually finishing off the leftovers for lunch right now! Mmmmm...