Playing Catch-up

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
It's been a busy weekend...but a fun one, too - and it was nice b/c it lasted 4 days for me!! Friday was a lazy day - but the only one! Saturday we took Emma to see the Chipmunks Squeakquel. She loved it!!! That evening we had game night at the Mahan's so Emma and all the kids got to spend the evening together playing at the Hayden's house while the adults were playing! Game night was also a cover for a small surprise couple's baby shower! We got a couple cute outfits for the baby and they had the neatest train cake - there were 9 individual train car cakes!!!

And before the actual game night began we got to spend some time playing "Guess the poo!" - thankfully it was really just chocolate!! LOL

The entire evening was a blast and all the kids had a great time, too. Sunday after church Emma & I headed over to my parents' house. My dad's brother and his wife from Cairo are in town for about a week so we wanted to spend time visiting with them. They haven't seen Emma since she was a baby! She had fun showing Uncle Samir how to play her games!

Monday I was off, too - no, our office didn't close for MLK day, but Emma and I had a dentist appointment and since my dentist is 30 minutes away I usually just take the day off so I don't have to rush back to my side of town. You don't change dentists when you find one you love if you don't have to!! It is close to my parents' house, too so we usually just spend the day with them. This was supposed to be Emma's first dentist appointment, too. I really thought it was going to go well b/c she had been talking about letting the dentist count her teeth and mommy's teeth. She marched in all confident - baby & blankie in tow for courage - I asked her if she wanted to sit in my lap or let me help her into the chair. No! She climbed up all on her own - my brave little girl. I took one picture and about a second later the tears started flowing. She was done - wasn't having anymore!!!! We tried a couple more angles to get her to comply, but nothing worked - my dad had arrived by then so she just went home with him while I stayed and had my own cleaning. I scheduled my next appointment for 6 months down the road and had them make another for her, too - we'll see if she is ready then!

When I was done I headed to my parents' house again and the girls (my mother, my aunt, Emma & me) spent the day shopping - then after a late lunch Emma and I headed back home. She crashed for a while before her daddy came home from work. Then the two of them had a date night as I headed out with the girls for dinner/dessert! We (6 of us) went to dinner at Genghis Grill. When we finished eating someone had the glorious idea to head over to Cheesecake Factory for dessert! Yum-O!!! Brilliant idea - I think the credit belonged to Laci!!! We had such a great time - we didn't make it home till after 9:00 (hey, school night and all!!) and all laughed so hard all night! I think we're all ready to do it again next week - at least once more before the baby is born anyway! Though after would be good, too b/c then I would be able to share in the cocktails as well! Only five more weeks! Can't come soon enough either - last night after we all got home I laid on the couch to put my feet up for the rest of the night - my ankles were pretty swollen. Today they aren't quite as bad, but still puffy - as are my face & hands, too. My face looks very round today. At least the week is going to go quickly b/c it's going to be a very busy week, plus tomorrow I'll be going back to the doctor and we have a lunch and happy hour for a coworker that's leaving the company. So sad to see him go. I'll once again be ready for the next weekend when it gets here after everything I'm anticipating for this week!