Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I have been reading The Pioneer Woman for quite some time now...as I am sure many of you do as well. I mean, she's awesome. She's a (in her own words) "Desperate Housewife, who lives in the country & channels Lucile Ball & Ethel Merman!" Her website is fantastic, which is evident from the awards she's won, too. She has a main page with daily writings, happenings on their ranch, a cooking section, photography section, home & garden section and a section about homeschooling her four children. I don't know how she has time for everything she does! She's also the creator of Tasty Kitchen. She was on the Bonnie Hunt Show and has recently been on tour (including a trip here to Houston - which I'm bummed I missed) for her new book, which is what I originally started this post about!

When her cookbook first came out I knew I wanted a copy - but it was also when I was buying Christmas presents and I try very hard not to buy anything for myself during that time (don't want to get off track on the gift buying for others). So, I bought a copy anyway - not for me, though. I bought one for my mother for Christmas b/c she is also a fan of P-Dub's. I introduced her to the site and now she reads it more than me I think!! The book arrived well before Christmas so I had a long time to sit with it before I had to wrap it up for mother - I was able to really review it for her!! LOL And it's a GREAT cookbook. It has stories in it, great pictures (PW is an amazing photographer) and all the recipes are delicious. I've made quite a few of her recipes over the years I've been reading and made my own variations of many as well.

So, when Christmas time arrived I new I would have to part with the book - Mother was ecstatic to get it, too. She had made a comment about it when it first came out and I told daddy to do everything he could to make sure she didn't order it b/c I already had a copy of it sitting at my house waiting to be given to her!! Then after Christmas I had three packages dropped off on my doorstep early one morning while I was still sleeping (I took a good long staycation during the holidays). I later got a call from Elaine letting me know that she had been out my way early for work and had dropped off presents for us - Elaine knows me so well for in the box for me was my own copy of The Pioneer Woman's Cookbook!! And she didn't even know that I had bought a copy for my mother! I sat down with my own copy that night like it was a novel! Ha ha!

Thanks again Elaine!!