Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hanna Roll

So, I tried out a new Japanese restaurant for lunch today - Fudoku. The restaurant has actually been here a while, but it had a different name & honestly wasn't wonderful. Now it's under new ownership/management and it was yummy!!!

I went by my self so I sat at the bar, which is always fun! The sushi chef behind the bar and the hostess both commented about me being pregnant and asked how far along I was. When I told them I was due in 5 weeks they started commenting about how big I was - and actually asked me if I was having twins!!!! I pouted and said I was going to leave b/c they were making me feel bad.

(So, here's me at 35 weeks)

(See Sable behind me trying to sneak into my closet!?!?)

Then the hostess asked what I was having and said that her mother always said that when women are pregnant with little girls the baby sucks all the prettiness away from the mother; that when it's a boy though the mother is radiant and beautiful! She said she could tell I was having a boy. Okay - little redemption there! They said they always guess when pregnant women come in and they are usually right.

Finally the talk turned away from my belleh to food - Mmmm, sushi!! The chef asked me what I liked, "Cooked, of course," he said. So, I told him my favorites and he made me a special roll with all the yummy cooked stuff I liked. He told me to come back after the baby was born and he'd made me another special roll with all my uncooked favorites - the tuna looked so yummy and the sweet shrimp! 5 more weeks and I can have all I want!! YUM-O!

So, he made me a Hanna Roll! And it was soooo good!


  1. Oh my freaking goodness, that looks so good. I hadn't thought about doing the cooked rolls. I've just been avoiding sushi. You look amazing by the way. Are you having a boy?

  2. I've never gotten into sushi but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I think every woman at 35 weeks looks like they are due any day now and then magically they go another month and you can't believe that they got even bigger. We should all be allowed to go into hiding the last month. LOL! You are not that big!

  3. Syd - Thank you!! And yes, it's a boy this time! I love sushi - I couldn't avoid it the entire pregnancy!!

    April - Yes, I am growing by the day. I feel THAT big, but thank you!!


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