Four More Weeks

Friday, January 22, 2010
And they cannot come soon enough either. I am seriously swelling now, though at my now-weekly appointment this past Wednesday my doctor told me everything was fine and just to keep my feet up when I can. It's not only my feet, though - it's my calves, my hands, my face...everything. I think even my nose has swollen. Ugh! Honestly, though I cannot really complain too much b/c with Emma all this started around month five or, to not have to deal with it too much until this last month is a blessing.

Wednesday was my first weekly visit to the doctor - from here on out it's every week. I haven't started dilating & he hasn't dropped any, but she said that doesn't really predict anything about timing of labor. I could go the full four weeks or I could go into labor tomorrow. Nice - and I still don't have my bags packed. That's a task I must complete this weekend. I need to get the rest of the room finished, too. I have the valance for the window, but need to get a curtain rod to hang it and I bought a 2nd comforter for the crib that I am going to use as a wall hanging. Mother is putting some loops on it now for me so I can hang it on the wall. I don't think we're going to get the room painted liked we had wanted - time just crept up on us, so I think the things we got to hang on the wall will have to do for now.

(This is the 2nd comforter we bought to hang)

I'm feeling more nauseous these last couple of weeks, too and my headaches are back. Poor Michael - all I do in the evenings is whine!! He's holding up pretty well, though - last night he rubbed my feet and legs for me b/c they were so swollen and aching. I had every pillow in the living room piled high with my feet propped up on them trying to get the swelling to go down some. I did get some relief.

I am very anxious for him to get here - but am also getting to that point where I'm a little anxious about delivery. I know what to expect now and hope it won't be as bad the second time around, but it's also still a bit scary. I mean, you know something painful is coming and you can't do anything about it - even with drugs it's still not fun!! It was expected with Emma - I mean, it was my first time so of course I should be a little scared. I didn't think I would be this time. And it isn't bad - don't get me wrong, I'm not having nightmares about it or anything, but it's just that unknown factor of how everything is going to go and the anticipation of the unavoidable pain that comes along with delivery. I think any woman who says they aren't scared at all is either lying or already on the drugs when she says it! LOL