Emma is home!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Yay! My baby girl is home! She spent the weekend at her Teta & Geddo's house. It was weird waking up without her here bc she usually crawls into bed with us in the mornings. My parents came over Friday and picked her up. That night we went out to dinner with friends and Saturday morning I woke up thinking, "man Emma is sleeping late." I had to remind myself she wasn't here! I did the same thing this morning when I woke up for church. When I remembered she wasn't here I realized I could snuggle back up under the covers a while bc I only had myself to get ready for church!

Saturday we had a lazy day in the house, but then had a nice date night and went out for fondue at The Melting Pot. It was so yummy! We haven't been since I was pregnant with Emma. It was nice to have a date night/weekend before the baby comes bc I know after he gets here it'll be a while before we get to again.

Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday so today we all went over to my parents' house for lunch and birthday cake - and to pick up Emma. The cake didn't make it till lunch though bc Emma wanted a piece early and of course her Geddo obliged!! LOL

Now that Emma is home it's noisy and back to normal aroudnd here!! I like it! I missed her bunches even though she asked stay with my parents again tonight!!