Come & Gone

Monday, January 04, 2010
Well, the holidays and 2009 have come and gone & it's time to move forward into 2010! Can you believe it??? A new decade - where were you 10 years ago? I was here in Houston, having just finished my undergrad in 1999 and was working at a Japanese Trading Company at the time. Fast Forward ten years and I've been married just over five years, built a house, have a three year old, am about to have our second child, finished my MBA and this fall I'll be with my current company for ten years. Life has been good. I have to say a prayer of thanks for all the good this past decade has brought and oddly enough for the bad, b/c I believe all life's experiences make us who we are the bad make you stronger!

We had a great Christmas & New Year's holiday with family & friends...Emma had so much fun this year tearing through wrapping paper & playing with all her cousins! She still isn't a fan of Santa (maybe next year Santa). We spent the Christmas holidays here in town with our families and then spent the New Year's holiday up in the country - we had hayrides and fireworks and bonfires and all the kids had a blast! Michael went hunting with my brother and we took Emma fishing. She didn't catch anything, but she had fun. She had fun throwing acorns in the water, too! My rubber boots were in the back of the truck & when I went to put them on that morning to go fishing the inside was a solid block of ice - so I had to spend some time with the hairdryer and hot water thawing them!! Every morning was beautiful and frosty white - my aunt said it has been like that most mornings this past month!

We also got the great news that my niece is pregnant with their third child due the end of August!! Yay! So excited for her! This will be my sister's 6th grandchild and every one of them will have summer birthdays - I see huge cousin b'day parties in the future!! LOL!

So 2010 will bring two new babies to our family - and honestly I'm ready for the first one to get here! I still have 7 weeks to go as of today, but Emma was three weeks early so I am hoping to be completely ready within the next four weeks. We worked on his room (still no name) a lot yesterday and got a lot accomplished. We still have decorating to do in there, but it's at least baby-ready now! It's so funny b/c at this time when I was pregnant with Emma everything was just about done - she had more than she could possibly need and with the 2nd baby here we are less than two months away and still have tons to get for him!! I had contractions Friday & Saturday that forced me off my feet - I really think it was just b/c too much time was spent on my feet both days and I needed the rest. My feet and hands are now truly swelling. I've had to remove my wedding rings b/c they were getting too tight-  I did replace them with a larger gold band so I wouldn't have a bare wedding finger!! Ha Ha! I'm back in heels today for work so I'll see how my feet hold up - I may be out buying some sort of slipper to bring to the office to wear, though. I also have to get all my paper work finished for my maternity leave and oh yeah, there is job-related work to do between now and then as it's year end and we have to go through close! :) All that has to be done in the next couple of weeks at least though, so it will be finished well before it's time for the baby to arrive! It's going to be a busy month!