Another week closer...

Thursday, January 07, 2010
I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. The closer it gets to the weekend the more tired I become. Actually, I think the truth of the matter is the closer I get to the end of this pregnancy the more tired I become! Monday will bring six more weeks till it's time for my son to introduce himself - his big sister was three weeks early. I'm curious if he'll be as inpatient as she was to meet us! That being said I need to get a bag packed, just in case - which means I need to buy a few things, to0 - a nursing bra & gown for one.

And I still need to get a hamper for his room.

And I still need to buy diapers.

And I still need to buy him an outfit to come home in.

And just some more clothes in general.

When I went into labor early with Emma my only concern was that we had not got the curtains hung in her room yet. He may not have curtains in his room until his first birthday at the rate we're going this time around!!

I think I've started waddling a little, too. My boss says she doesn't think so, but I feel like it. I sit for too long at my desk and then getting up sends a little shock to my system and my legs seem to have to remember how to work with all this extra BOY hanging around inside my belleh! Michael let me know last night that my belly has grown significantly recently. Thanks hon!