34 Weeks

Monday, January 11, 2010
Well, it is definitely getting close! I've started having contractions (Braxton Hicks)over the past couple of weeks - nothing too severe and not too frequent. I had them with Emma, but they are a lot stronger this time, which my doctor also said would happen with each pregnancy - so the more kiddos you have the more of these you'll experience.

Today has definitely been the most frequent, though. I've been having about two an hour all day today. They were worse the first half of the day, though and have been a lot better this afternoon. As long as I'm having less than 4-6 per hour, though I'm in good shape. Doesn't make for a comfortable work day, though that's for sure!! My back has been killing me all day and I've been in meetings all afternoon. At some point I just have to stand for a bit b/c of the pain in my back. Wish I could work from a recliner - man wouldn't that be nice? I wouldn't mind sleeping in one either to be honest...trying to find a comfortable position at night is a fruitless effort. I know my days to get the opportunity to sleep through the night are numbered, too so I would really love to find a comfortable position to get a full nights sleep for the next three weeks. I'm just so thankful I'm not suffering too much swelling this time around like I did with Emma (hope I didn't just jinx myself there).

My mother made the baby a beautiful afghan and matching cap that we'll use to bring him home from the hospital - we still need to find a coming-home outfit, too. She's made him quite a few things actually - a quilt, three hats total, an afghan, a new diaper bag and a baby sling - which turned out fantastic. I'll have to take some pictures of it on with one of Emma's baby dolls!! She was going to make me a nursing cover, too but a friend told me about a great give-away that was going on here, so I decided to order one instead. It's all finally coming together - slowly and at the very end like the procrastinator I am! LOL