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Emma is home!!

Yay! My baby girl is home! She spent the weekend at her Teta & Geddo's house. It was weird waking up without her here bc she usually crawls into bed with us in the mornings. My parents came over Friday and picked her up. That night we went out to dinner with friends and Saturday morning I woke up thinking, "man Emma is sleeping late." I had to remind myself she wasn't here! I did the same thing this morning when I woke up for church. When I remembered she wasn't here I realized I could snuggle back up under the covers a while bc I only had myself to get ready for church!

Saturday we had a lazy day in the house, but then had a nice date night and went out for fondue at The Melting Pot. It was so yummy! We haven't been since I was pregnant with Emma. It was nice to have a date night/weekend before the baby comes bc I know after he gets here it'll be a while before we get to again.

Tomorrow is my daddy's birthday so today we all went over to my parents…

Fondue Date Night

So glad to know my words are getting through!

When Emma toots (yes, little girls toot) she would let us know by saying, "I tooted." When she first started saying we thought it was funny & cute so we laughed...mistake! That, of course, made her want to tell us every time it happened and now I wish she wouldn't announce her flatulence with every occurrence!!  So, now when she says it I tell her, "That's a secret so don't tell anyone. Just say excuse me if someone hears it instead." Well, this morning the babysitter called me to tell me that she overheard Emma toot this morning and say to the other little girl with her, "I tooted - but it's a secret!!!" Hey, at least I know she is listening!
(cute onesie from the shower on Saturday)

Thanks Jamie!!

Jamie did an excellent job Saturday throwing a baby shower for us!! It was so much fun and everything looked so beautiful!!
(I should've put my shoes back on for this shot!!)
Everyone was impressed with her creativity - she had yummy food...with hand-dipped, chocolate covered strawberries & fruit skewers that were delicious...
Awesome decorations she made herself (I think she was told that she should go into business!!) The pom-poms are still up by the way - Emma had fun eating dinner under them!! LOL

Hand-dipped, candy coated pretzels as party favors - these were yummy, too and a super cute idea for the favors!
And of course a yummy cake from our favorite bakery - Lindy's! Michael polished the last of this off last night by the way!!

I am so thankful Jamie- it all turned out so wonderful! And also thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate our little boy! He is lucky to have to many wonderful people that love him already! He got so many cute, cute clothes - I am going to …


She had such a blast today and is now konked out!!

Four More Weeks

And they cannot come soon enough either. I am seriously swelling now, though at my now-weekly appointment this past Wednesday my doctor told me everything was fine and just to keep my feet up when I can. It's not only my feet, though - it's my calves, my hands, my face...everything. I think even my nose has swollen. Ugh! Honestly, though I cannot really complain too much b/c with Emma all this started around month five or, to not have to deal with it too much until this last month is a blessing.

Wednesday was my first weekly visit to the doctor - from here on out it's every week. I haven't started dilating & he hasn't dropped any, but she said that doesn't really predict anything about timing of labor. I could go the full four weeks or I could go into labor tomorrow. Nice - and I still don't have my bags packed. That's a task I must complete this weekend. I need to get the rest of the room finished, too. I have the valance for the window, bu…

Hanna Roll

So, I tried out a new Japanese restaurant for lunch today - Fudoku. The restaurant has actually been here a while, but it had a different name & honestly wasn't wonderful. Now it's under new ownership/management and it was yummy!!!

I went by my self so I sat at the bar, which is always fun! The sushi chef behind the bar and the hostess both commented about me being pregnant and asked how far along I was. When I told them I was due in 5 weeks they started commenting about how big I was - and actually asked me if I was having twins!!!! I pouted and said I was going to leave b/c they were making me feel bad.
(So, here's me at 35 weeks)
(See Sable behind me trying to sneak into my closet!?!?)
Then the hostess asked what I was having and said that her mother always said that when women are pregnant with little girls the baby sucks all the prettiness away from the mother; that when it's a boy though the mother is radiant and beautiful! She said she could tell I was having a …

Need a new book to read...

These are three of the books that I read last year - I need some suggestions about a good book to read.

Playing Catch-up

It's been a busy weekend...but a fun one, too - and it was nice b/c it lasted 4 days for me!! Friday was a lazy day - but the only one! Saturday we took Emma to see the Chipmunks Squeakquel. She loved it!!! That evening we had game night at the Mahan's so Emma and all the kids got to spend the evening together playing at the Hayden's house while the adults were playing! Game night was also a cover for a small surprise couple's baby shower! We got a couple cute outfits for the baby and they had the neatest train cake - there were 9 individual train car cakes!!!

And before the actual game night began we got to spend some time playing "Guess the poo!" - thankfully it was really just chocolate!! LOL

The entire evening was a blast and all the kids had a great time, too. Sunday after church Emma & I headed over to my parents' house. My dad's brother and his wife from Cairo are in town for about a week so we wanted to spend time visiting with them. They ha…

Making French Toast for me & Emma this morning!



I have been reading The Pioneer Woman for quite some time I am sure many of you do as well. I mean, she's awesome. She's a (in her own words) "Desperate Housewife, who lives in the country & channels Lucile Ball & Ethel Merman!" Her website is fantastic, which is evident from the awards she's won, too. She has a main page with daily writings, happenings on their ranch, a cooking section, photography section, home & garden section and a section about homeschooling her four children. I don't know how she has time for everything she does! She's also the creator of Tasty Kitchen. She was on the Bonnie Hunt Show and has recently been on tour (including a trip here to Houston - which I'm bummed I missed) for her new book, which is what I originally started this post about!

When her cookbook first came out I knew I wanted a copy - but it was also when I was buying Christmas presents and I try very hard not to buy anything for myself durin…

34 Weeks

Well, it is definitely getting close! I've started having contractions (Braxton Hicks)over the past couple of weeks - nothing too severe and not too frequent. I had them with Emma, but they are a lot stronger this time, which my doctor also said would happen with each pregnancy - so the more kiddos you have the more of these you'll experience.

Today has definitely been the most frequent, though. I've been having about two an hour all day today. They were worse the first half of the day, though and have been a lot better this afternoon. As long as I'm having less than 4-6 per hour, though I'm in good shape. Doesn't make for a comfortable work day, though that's for sure!! My back has been killing me all day and I've been in meetings all afternoon. At some point I just have to stand for a bit b/c of the pain in my back. Wish I could work from a recliner - man wouldn't that be nice? I wouldn't mind sleeping in one either to be honest...trying to fin…


Today is Michael's birthday!!! We love you so much!!
Hanna, Emma & Baby Boy!!!

Doing Homework

Spoiled Surprise

Saturday is Michael's b'day (he's going to be 33! Hee hee!) and I decided something I wanted to get him was a new fishing rod. See a while back I broke a very nice, brand-new, never used fishing rod when I shut it in the car door. It's been up in East Texas at the camp house ever since and I haven't be allowed to forget I broke it. So...this year I decided to replace it.

I went out yesterday in the cold, without a jacket (yeah, I knew the temp was going to drop, I just didn't grab my coat) and shopped around and got help from my brother and some other guys to find the right fishing rod for him. Bought it. Put it in the car. On the way home I pick up Emma and of course she sees it (can't hide it in the car) and asks about it.

Me: It's for daddy. For his birthday.

Emma: It's a fishing pole???

Me: Yes baby, but you can't tell daddy.

Emma: It's a surprise???

Me: Yes baby, but please don't tell daddy. Okay?

Emma: Okay!! It's a surprise for daddy…

Another week closer...

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. The closer it gets to the weekend the more tired I become. Actually, I think the truth of the matter is the closer I get to the end of this pregnancy the more tired I become! Monday will bring six more weeks till it's time for my son to introduce himself - his big sister was three weeks early. I'm curious if he'll be as inpatient as she was to meet us! That being said I need to get a bag packed, just in case - which means I need to buy a few things, to0 - a nursing bra & gown for one.

And I still need to get a hamper for his room.

And I still need to buy diapers.

And I still need to buy him an outfit to come home in.

And just some more clothes in general.

When I went into labor early with Emma my only concern was that we had not got the curtains hung in her room yet. He may not have curtains in his room until his first birthday at the rate we're going this time around!!

I think I've started waddling a little, too. My boss says sh…

Where's the FISH??

Daddy's Fishing Buddy

Well she didn't catch any fish, but she sure did have a good time!

Come & Gone

Well, the holidays and 2009 have come and gone & it's time to move forward into 2010! Can you believe it??? A new decade - where were you 10 years ago? I was here in Houston, having just finished my undergrad in 1999 and was working at a Japanese Trading Company at the time. Fast Forward ten years and I've been married just over five years, built a house, have a three year old, am about to have our second child, finished my MBA and this fall I'll be with my current company for ten years. Life has been good. I have to say a prayer of thanks for all the good this past decade has brought and oddly enough for the bad, b/c I believe all life's experiences make us who we are the bad make you stronger!

We had a great Christmas & New Year's holiday with family & friends...Emma had so much fun this year tearing through wrapping paper & playing with all her cousins! She still isn't a fan of Santa (maybe next year Santa). We spent the Christmas holidays her…

Emma & Isabel sitting with Teta watching the bonfire