Santa was a hit...even with Emma eventually!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The kids has so much fun Friday night with Santa & playing together!!

The evening started with some caroling from the kiddos!

Then shortly after Santa arrived!!

Jacob took some convincing that his beard was real! He had to give it a few test tugs to make sure!

And everyone took turns sitting on Santa's lap - even my sister's grand-dog, Catcher & Grannie!!

Everyone except Emma sat on his lap, that is!! Yes, it's true - my daughter isn't a fan of Santa!! But Friday night she was around him long enough, that I think she "kinda" warmed up to him - not enough to sit on his lap or anything, but she got very close to him, talked to him (through her aunts as buffers) and even touched his boot!

See - a little closer now!

After Santa left all the kids went out in the back yard to see if they could see his sleigh take off and they did!! They even saw the Rudolph's red nose glowing (I think an airplane passed over at just the right time) and they all came back inside SCREAMING at the top of their lungs about it! Emma was jumping up and down with so much excitement I thought she was having a seizure! LOL! My niece got this on video so maybe we can get a copy of the clip of all the kids screaming when they came back inside - it was hysterical!!

I caught her in mid-jump in this picture excited about seeing Santa fly away!

Emma wasn't the only kiddo that wasn't thrilled to sit on Santa's lap - Kinley wasn't too fond of it either!

She did better when Mommy sat with her, too though!

The entire evening was so much fun - and Santa had a book for each of the kids with their names on them! We all had a great time!!