Monday, December 14, 2009

As for the venting part...

I realize the title of my blog is Daily Venting & Exclamations...lately I haven't done too much venting. Which is honestly a good thing - I don't like having bad things going on in my life that I feel the need to vent about. BUT when things happen that stress you out or bother you, I also feel keeping it all in isn't healthy at all. I'm one of those that likes to talk things out. I also recognize that not everyone who comes to MishMish.Org wants to read about the stressers in my life, nor do I want to share with just anyone & everyone, so I've decided to start using the password feature of WP and quit keeping everything all bottled in. If you wanna read the venting side of things here, just email me asking for the password when you see a password protected post!!


  1. Get it out! If you are willing to share, I'm willing to read.

  2. Is the venting part something that I can read? If so, I'd like the password. I'm always interested in seeing whats going on with you guys!!

    Love you!


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