Thursday, December 31, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Teta's Gonna Love This

Every time she finishes a work of art she says she wants to show Teta and that "Teta's gonna LOVE this!!"

Happy Birthday One Day Late

Yesterday was my BIL's birthday - Happy Belated Birthday Steven!! Only one more year to enjoy your 20's before you're into your 30's with the rest of us old fogies!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa was a hit...even with Emma eventually!

The kids has so much fun Friday night with Santa & playing together!!

The evening started with some caroling from the kiddos!

Then shortly after Santa arrived!!

Jacob took some convincing that his beard was real! He had to give it a few test tugs to make sure!

And everyone took turns sitting on Santa's lap - even my sister's grand-dog, Catcher & Grannie!!

Everyone except Emma sat on his lap, that is!! Yes, it's true - my daughter isn't a fan of Santa!! But Friday night she was around him long enough, that I think she "kinda" warmed up to him - not enough to sit on his lap or anything, but she got very close to him, talked to him (through her aunts as buffers) and even touched his boot!

See - a little closer now!

After Santa left all the kids went out in the back yard to see if they could see his sleigh take off and they did!! They even saw the Rudolph's red nose glowing (I think an airplane passed over at just the right time) and they all came back inside SCREAMING at the top of their lungs about it! Emma was jumping up and down with so much excitement I thought she was having a seizure! LOL! My niece got this on video so maybe we can get a copy of the clip of all the kids screaming when they came back inside - it was hysterical!!

I caught her in mid-jump in this picture excited about seeing Santa fly away!

Emma wasn't the only kiddo that wasn't thrilled to sit on Santa's lap - Kinley wasn't too fond of it either!

She did better when Mommy sat with her, too though!

The entire evening was so much fun - and Santa had a book for each of the kids with their names on them! We all had a great time!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Claus is coming...Today!

Santa Claus is coming to town...Santa Claus is coming to town...and tonight he's coming to see Emma and her cousins!! Santa is making a special visit tonight to my sister's house to visit all the kids! I can't wait to see their faces - it's going to be so much fun!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dragon Dictation

Found a new app today for my iPhone that is pretty cool - well, actually Michael found it & told me about it! Thanks babe! It's Dragon Dictation.
Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. In fact, it’s up to five (5) times faster than typing on the keyboard.

With Dragon Dictation, you can text or email your friends, update Facebook status, send notes and reminders to yourself, or tweet to the world… all using your voice.

So when you are on-the-go, turn talk into type with Dragon Dictation – from short text messages to longer email messages, and
anything in between.

I've only tested it out a few times, but I have to say it works very well - very few minor mistakes which were easy to correct. I like the speed if I have something I want to say/text and only have a few seconds to get it out - I dictate to my phone a quick sentence or two (or more if needed) and can either send right away via text, email, etc. or save it for later and I'm done! (Better for those people who insist on texting while driving, huh!?!? You know who you are!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

This is why my blood pressure is up today!

I really don't believe that this far along in my pregnancy that stress would cause me to lose this baby; however, I do think that enough of it could quite possibly send me into early labor, which is just as dangerous depending on how far along you are. That is part of the reason I have decided to de-stress some by venting about things that anger me here where I've stayed silent in the past! Or at least stayed silent to the cyberworld.

In the 6th grade I learned a valuable lesson about talking about people behind their back - from that point on I decided that anything I had to say about someone behind their back would be something that I was willing to say straight to their face as well - b/c inevitably it's always going to get back to that person anyway. And it's been a pretty good philosophy since the 6th grade. I think there are some people, though that need to go back to the 6th grade and try to learn again how to be adults!

No, I am not going to turn my site into a hateful, bashing site so I am not going to get into details - I just want to vent! To get things off my chest so I can breathe a little easier.

No matter who you are - no matter how nice you are to people - no matter if you do anything bad to people or never do anything bad to anyone - there is always going to be someone that doesn't like you. ALWAYS! And they may never even be able to give you a reason. This used to be something that really ate at me...but more and more over the years I've just been able to say "to hell with it!" and move on my merry way. Being pregnant it isn't as easy to do sadly & I'm sure it's just b/c of the hormones!!

It gets to me more when I'm pregnant when I hear that someone (and all of this is only related to one person - it's not like everyone I know is saying bad things about me - as far as I know!! LOL) is talking to others badly about me behind my back.

And honestly - who really does that anymore? If you don't like someone you just don't associate with that person - you don't continue your relationship with them and then talk about them every chance you get. Now, I also know you cannot always remove certain people from your life either. And if that's the case then you are cordial when you see them, nice and polite, but you still don't talk bad about them every chance you get. It's juvenile! It's not Christian-like! It's hurtful! It's petty! It's just plain RUDE!

As for the venting part...

I realize the title of my blog is Daily Venting & Exclamations...lately I haven't done too much venting. Which is honestly a good thing - I don't like having bad things going on in my life that I feel the need to vent about. BUT when things happen that stress you out or bother you, I also feel keeping it all in isn't healthy at all. I'm one of those that likes to talk things out. I also recognize that not everyone who comes to MishMish.Org wants to read about the stressers in my life, nor do I want to share with just anyone & everyone, so I've decided to start using the password feature of WP and quit keeping everything all bottled in. If you wanna read the venting side of things here, just email me asking for the password when you see a password protected post!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

January 2010 Desktop

I've decided to create my own desktops for next year using the 2010 Calendars I've already made...I've also decided that since I've been using templates created by others for a while that I would share these desktops.

I know it's a while before you'll need a January Desktop, but I thought I would go ahead and post it today. I'll try to be sure to get them posted by the end of each month to be posted for the next month! I've enjoyed the desktops I've been using, but thought it would be a lot more fun to create my own as long as I had the time! And since I've already created a calendar for each month for 2010 I just have to do a little tweaking to create a desktop and the .png files to share! is my first for January 2010!

Click on the appropriate size to download your .png file (sans Emma's picture, of course):



Oh - and leave me a comment if you download please!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Monday, December 07, 2009

Game night, Christmas Party, Birthday Party & a Christmas Pageant

We have had a fun and super busy weekend! Friday night we had Game Night - we all played Dance, Dance Revolution - well, I observed. 7+ months pregnant makes it kinda hard to play! It was hilarious to watch, though! Saturday we got up to early to clean house and get everything ready for Emma's b'day party. My parents came over early to stay with Emma while she took an early nap so that Michael & I could run around and pick up last minute stuff for the party and Emma's birthday cake. We hadn't really planned on getting a big cake b/c the kids were going to all decorate cupcakes together, but every single trip to HEB she asked to go look at her birthday cake in the deli and we had to go see it for at least five minutes - the castle cake. So, of course we had to get it for her! She was so thrilled when she saw it on the table. "For me? It's for me!?!?"

We still decorated cupcakes, though - and since the weather was so cold we brought it indoors to do. I was a bit worried it was going to be a complete messy disaster, but I have to say it went great and all the kids seems to have a good time decorating (and eating) their cupcakes!

Saturday night was my company Christmas party so after Emma's b'day party she went to spend the night with Geddo & Teta - which lately she asks to do all the time. Every time we visit now she says, "Can I stay with Teta & Geddo?" - she is also getting into visiting friends' houses. "Can so-and-so come to my house..." or "Can I go to so-and-so's house?" Does that usually start this early!?!?! LOL

Anyway, so after everyone headed home and we finished cleaning up the house we got ready and headed downtown for the Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and we had a blast until I saw the cheesy prom pics we took and saw myself in my preggo dress looking like a big old tent!! I haven't found one maternity dress that was attractive. I bought this one when I was pregnant with Emma actually, but since she came three weeks early I ended up not wearing it to that year's Chrsitmas party - so, I couldn't let it continue to just hang in my closet. We did have a great time, though. We had a wide variety of entertainment this year, too. The main stage had Roger Creagar and Lori Morgan and company employees even held another stage for a while...but the show that I enjoyed the best were these guys:

They are called the Bucket Boys for obvious reasons - they really were pretty awesome. I couldn't believe how fast they were playing and it sounded great. It was hard to believe it was just buckets they were playing on. It was funny, though b/c when they left they had special made canvas carrying cases for their buckets! Guess they gotta keep their buckets protected, too! Ha!

It was harder this year to stand on my feet too long, though so we ended up heading home a bit earlier than last year, but still ended up sleeping in on Sunday and missing church. The afternoon was productive, though. Since Emma was still at my parents' house I took advantage and put up our Christmas decorations - Emma was so excited to see the tree all lit up when my parents brought her home. I was glad to get it all done to surprise her before she made it home! My parents brought her home in the evening in time for all of us to go to church for the annual Christmas pageant they put on - it was so good. Emma did pretty good - we only had to take her out twice. Once to potty and once to have a talk about being quiet!

I took today off so Emma and I went shopping - we had two more birthday presents to buy and a couple more Christmas presents. I'm actually just about done with my Christmas shopping - I'm so thrilled. I just need a couple more and I'll be finished. I actually got on the ball early this year like I SAY I'm going to do each year and finally did it this year!

Well, now I have b'day presents to wrap and I need to get something out to start for dinner, too.

Comfy Shopper

Friday, December 04, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Went out to play a while...

She Finished It Already!!!

New Tigger & Pooh puzzles from daddy

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

I cannot believe it's been three years since this beautiful little baby came into our lives...and now she is a beautiful big girl and about to be a big sister!! It's so amazing how drastic our lives changed after she arrived and even more amazing how we ever lived without her in our lives! God blessed our family in such a great way by sending her to our hearts!


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bring on 2010

I've finished my 2010 Calendar!

Bring it on 2010You can see all the pages individually here.

And for anyone who likes the templates let me know - I can send you the .png files sans the pics of Emma to use with your own pictures. I think the December template is my favorite - well, I like November, too though I really like the kit that I used to create December. It's so fun for Christmas. It's the same kit I used to make the current banner on my blog, too.

(Oh...did you notice that my blog is snowing!! Wish it was snowing outside!)

Let it snow!

Please - let it snow!! Friends in Dallas today posted pics of the pretty white stuff that was everywhere this morning! I hope it does come our way this weekend!! Emma got to play in the snow last year about this time, too - I think she would like it even more this year! Someone told her once about snow angels and she lays down on the floor and pretends to make them - and if there is a pile of leaves she'll pick them up, throw them in the air and say, "It's Snowing!!" So, c'mon snow - bring it!!! Weather man says it should be here Friday so we'll see!