What a wonderful weekend!

Monday, November 02, 2009
The weather was great - a bit chilly, but we had a costume for hot weather and a costume for cold weather - the neighborhood was FULL of kids - they got tons of candy!!! We just had a great time!! Friday night we took Emma to trick-or-treat my parents' house and she ended up spending the night with them, so Saturday we slept in then got up to run a bunch of errands before my parents brought her home. Michael grilled for all of us Saturday for dinner before we went trick-or-treating - it was so yummy! Then we pulled the trailer out and had a hayride for all the kids to take them around our neighborhood. They all had a blast!!

They were all so cute, too! You can see though they were all checking out the older kiddo in the reaper costume - LOL!

Emma was a cute lion - though she said she was a cat (which is true) and would say "Me-Mow Me-Mow"!!!

Sunday morning I was thankful for the time change - we were able to get in a little extra sleep before getting up and getting dressed for church (though honestly, I prefer the Daylight Savings Time b/c I don't like that it gets dark earlier now). Instead of Emma waking up and coming into our room and crawling in bed like she usually does Michael said we should do that to her so we jumped up when we heard her waking up over the monitor and jumped into bed with her!! Driving home from church the weather was so awesome that we rolled down the windows, blared the radio & sang all the way with our hands out in the air! Emma laughed so hard - I wish I had taped it b/c it was hysterical - we were having a great time!

Sunday afternoon I headed over to Elaine's house - I got a copy of Lightroom & she gave me a lesson on how to use it! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Photo editing/processing is going to speed up 100 times for me!! Now I know why all the photographers rave about it! Thanks so much Elaine!! It was great to spend time with her as well!