Time for more room...

Thursday, November 05, 2009
Well, I outgrew my "best camera bag evah"!!! With the addition of a lens and speedlite my Lowepro bag became too small...so I decided it was time for more space. And with that I've ordered a Crumpler 7 Million Dollar bag!

157279-2TI maybe could have gotten away with the 6 Million, but decided I didn't want to risk outgrowing this one too soon & plus if I decide I want to carry my video camera along somewhere I'll have the room - or if not I'll have plenty of room for things I would normally carry in my purse or diaper bag if I take kiddos on a photo outing with me! Plus, there are always dreams of new and exciting lenses and then they would already have a home waiting on them!! :)

So, my Lowepro bag is actually for sell - I've listed it on our classifieds at work and will put it on Craig's List, too I guess - if you're interested let me know! It is a fabulous bag and I hope I'm as satisfied with the Crumpler as I was with the Lowepro! Anyone have either bag already - what's your opinion of the bags?