Thankful Thursday

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Love Thursdays now b/c even if I haven't had a great week (which this has been a good week) I concentrate on what is good in my life!!

I am thankful that my darling little girl is finally just about potty trained!!! She is going on two weeks now that she has only had a couple of accidents - hope I'm not jinxing it now by talking about it! LOL! She is getting so good I telling us when she has to go now and we don't even have any diapers in the house! Okay - we do have pull-ups, but usually now we're in panties, which she loves b/c they have Cinderella on them!!! She has been so resistant to this for so long and I just knew I was going to be buying two sizes of diapers when her little brother came, but now it looks like she might finally be out of them!!

Hooray - I'm so proud of my big girl and tell her daily how proud of her I am and how happy she makes me!!!