The Rocking Chair

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
My Grannie gave me her rocking chair at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Emma. She also gave me a beautiful card with a verse written to me as if it was coming from Emma - talking about how I was rocked in the chair as a baby and how I would rock Emma soon, too. I love it. I planned to actually decoupage it to the bottom of the chair one day - one day!!

So, since this is a piece of furniture that we will probably have in our home forever I take Emma's picture sitting in it every year on her birthday so that I can watch my baby grow.

This was the first set of pictures I took on her first b'day:

And I made two pages for the pictures I took on her 2nd b'day (b/c I didn't like how the first turned out - which do you like best):

(One of these pics she's also in her Amish Rocking Chair my sisters bought for my baby shower.)

And online I've put all the pictures in this folder. It isn't long until I'll be making an album in there titled Emma Turns 3 - I cannot believe my baby is about to be 3 years old AND a big sister!! We haven't even started on her little brother's room. Michael and I actually plan to work on it some this weekend - or at least check out patterns for it! We have a queen sized bed in there now that needs to be moved out before we can set up his crib. We're going to take that up to East Texas b/c it's ten times more comfy than the bed we sleep on up there now. That one will be donated this weekend for an auction the church is hosting. So, next trip up we'll be hauling a bed with us.