Okay, it isn't until tomorrow...

Monday, November 30, 2009
but December is here! This year has gone by so fast and now there are only three days until my baby girl is three years old! So hard to believe! I have so much to do these next three weeks, too. Our calendar is already full - as I am sure everyone''s calendar is, too! We have game night with friends/neighbors, my company Christmas party, the Children's Christmas party at my work, Santa is coming to visit the week before Christmas at my sister's house, we have Elaine's Christmas/Birthday Party - not to mention I still have to do the shopping for Emma's birthday and for Christmas still. I have done a big portion of it already (yay me), which is unusual for me b/c I'm usually a last minute shopper! Not to mention I have this little boy who is going to be joining our family in a couple months and we have yet to get his room in order, buy boy clothes for him and oh yeah - pick out a name!!!

Last night he kicked me HARD - and I yelled out b/c, well it hurt! Emma asked me what was wrong so I told her and she looked at my tummy & said, "Quick kicking my Mommy! Say Sorry!" It was so cute!!! I officially cannot see my toes for my belly now and Emma tells me how big my tummy is getting, too. Kids are so honest! She hugs my tummy a lot now and says it's her baby. She is still calling him Christopher Robin (love Pooh) and always wants to feel her baby. He kicked once and she felt it, but I don't think it really registered with her at the time. It was only a slight kick, too. She will feel him again, though. He is a VERY active little boy - always on the move! Wonder if that's a sign of things to come??

I'm still having a lot of back pain - the intensity comes & goes. It doesn't help that I still pick up Emma from time to time - my Grannie got on to me for that. Michael gets on to me, too - he is very protective when I'm pg. I love that about him. He is always watching what I am doing to make sure I'm being careful. Sometimes he is a bit OVER protective, but I can deal with that! He is a good husband and a good father that takes care of his family first - after all that is the role that God has given him, too! This Friday we're having game night and we'll be playing Dance Dance Revolution - we'll have to see if he'll actually let me play! HA!

I have one more monthly visit to my OB then I'll be going every two weeks. I can't believe I'm 28 weeks already. Only 12 to go - only 12 to figure out what we're going to name him. Yikes!