The clock is counting down...

Thursday, November 19, 2009
As of 3:30 today I am on vacation until November 30th!!!! I cannot wait! 3:30 b/c I have a doctor appointment at 3:45 so I'll need to leave at 3:30 to make it and then I ain't comin' back!!! Actually, I left this house this morning w/out thinking about that appointment and left the glucose drink I'm supposed to drink down one hour before blood work sitting in the door of my fridge! Grrrr...I hate how forgetful I am! So - guess I know what I'll be doing at lunch today. Too bad there isn't any leftovers at home to eat when I get there, though. Yeah - I didn't cook dinner last night. Instead Michael, Emma & I met up with Ashley & Trent (Trent's in town for a couple weeks for work) at Ichibon's for dinner - no leftovers when it comes to sushi!! Mmmm...Mmmm...Good! And yes, for those concerned at stayed away from the raw stuff, even though I really wanted some tuna & salmon. It was still all yummy, though & Emma sort of enjoyed and sort of got bothered by our chef & his fiery onion volcano!

It was a great dinner, though & great company, too. And the clock is also ticking down till New Moon (yes, I loved these books) comes out tomorrow!! I cannot wait - I'm going at lunchtime tomorrow. Thank goodness for a busy budget season so the time went by quickly from WAY BACK WHEN we first heard the release date!

It's going to be nice to have next week off while everyone is working b/c I need to take advantage and get things together for Emma's b'day party - I need to do a little Christmas shopping - I need to buy groceries for Thanksgiving dinner - I need to do some serious house cleaning...and on and on and on. Wednesday night we're going to see the Rockets play, too - that is what I bought Michael (and me, too) for our anniversary & we get to see Dirk, too!! It'll be nice the day before Thanksgiving b/c we won't be getting home so late only to get up early in the morning for work! I am really looking forward to these days - need some relaxing days to de-stress from everything!!