6 1/2 Months Along

Monday, November 16, 2009
Moving right along & almost done with the 2nd trimester - feels like I'm already in the last trimester, though. When I was pregnant with Emma I wasn't uncomfortable much at all until about month 8. This time around, though I definitely have felt pregnant all the way through. Morning sickness hasn't totally gone away yet, though now I'm only experiencing it about once a week, but it was daily until well after the 4 month mark. I definitely started showing faster (which I think is common) so clothes were an issue right off the bat! And I've been having a LOT of back pain this time around, too. Not uncommon, just different from my first pregnancy. With Emma I really didn't have a lot of back pain until the last couple of weeks - now I have it quite often. Standing for longs periods of time isn't an option - really sitting for long periods of time isn't either. I'm constantly going back and forth trying to find a position of comfort. Poor Michael - I am constantly switching positions and sides of the bed at night, too. I never had a pregnancy massage when I was pregnant with Emma - am seriously considering it this time, though - soon!!!

This little boy is very active, too!! He is moving all the time now. And Michael has been able to feel him several times - my parents both got to feel him move, too. Daddy felt him right away when he touched my tummy, but every time mother put her hand on me he got still! It was funny b/c she kept talking to him like he was doing it on purpose - he eventually moved for her, too though! LOL I've tried to get Emma to feel him move, but she isn't patient (strange, huh?) and will only keep her hand resting in one spot for about 5 seconds or less - though she is constantly talking to him, hugging & kissing him, last night she even gave him a present!! And she has named him - she says he is Christopher Robin!! She only knows him from her books, though - he isn't on the Disney shows any more - I guess Darby has replaced him. We do have one DVD of classic Pooh, but I think we've only watched it a couple of times - since she seems to like Christopher Robin so much I guess I should get her another one! Christmas List!!

Last night she set about rearranging the house for us - she cleaned out her entire play room!

Emma cleaned up! It's ALL in the living room!Which was so great - she kept asking - "How you like it??" I though it looked great honestly (can't wait for the playroom to move upstairs & out of sight) - it was WHERE she put it all that I didn't like!

See? I told ya!

Yeah - it all got moved into the foyer & living room (there were more around the corner I didn't get in the shot - including her entire kitchen set and Cottage)!! So we had the fun task of putting it all up again - normally she cleans up her own messes & usually does a good job, but since I saw it as an opportunity to purge as well (and she can't be around for that) I set about doing most of it myself - with help from Michael, too. We weren't able to cull out a lot, but every little bit helps! Right now I have a growing stock of toys that are getting ready to go to Goodwill or Salvation Army or somewhere! I know that playroom is going to be infiltrated with boy toys soon and there ain't too much extra room in there now for the girlie stuff as it is - we have way too many toys!