Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Jamie wrote a Thankful Thursday post a while back and I've seen these around on other blogs, too so I thought I would write up my own as I have so much to be thankful for in my own life! That doesn't mean that everything is perfect, but why concentrate on the things that bring you down with there is so much good to offset it!!

God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family. Michael is a great daddy & stands up for what is right and Emma has been a joy since the day we found out we were pregnant!! She makes us laugh every day - okay, sometimes she makes us wanna pull our hair out, too!!! LOL!

I'm thinking a lot of my parents today b/c during this time of my pregnancy with Emma my mother was in the hospital with cancer. Deep down I think I always knew she would pull through, but that didn't make my fear of losing her any less.

So - today I'm thinking about all the things about my parents I'm thankful for. Our little family, which is growing,  has such great support from my parents - they love Michael so much and respect him as a husband & father & have welcomed him into our family with open arms and for that I am so thankful. I'm thankful for the love they have for him and for our daughter (and son on the way). I am thankful for the lessons & values they pass on to Emma that she will always remember. I am thankful that they are always there for us and the comfort we get in knowing that they always will be. I am thankful we know that they never judge us so we can always speak freely with them & turn to them for solicited advice when it's needed.


Life is not perfect - so we shouldn't pretend that it is. We face many trials in life and seem to focus on those most often - so it's important to take the time in our lives to highlight all the good that is around us and what we have to be thankful for!  I like the idea of Thankful Thursday & hope that I am able to share every week what I am thankful for in my life!


  1. Awwwwe I didnt even know about Thankful Thursday and now I like it too. 8 )

  2. Man, you have a lot to be Thankful for, heck we all do, which is why I love Thankful Thursdays!! It's always nice to be able to sit down each week, and no matter what all is going on around you, you are able to find the good in your week! :-)


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