Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going to the "port" today...


Geddo & Teta are flying home today - actually they should already be in the air on the 2nd leg of their trip home! Emma is so excited - she's been looking up in the sky and saying, "Come down here!" since I told her they were coming home on an airplane and says we're going to the "port" to pick them up! We made signs to hold up for them, too. I made one with color and one with just outlines that Emma colored yesterday and drew all over!

They have been having a great time, but they are ready to come home - we're ready to have them home, too! I'm glad it's cooled off now so they aren't coming home to hot yucky weather - well, maybe it's still yucky outside, but at least it isn't hot! It was cold enough last night that Emma wore her jeans and jacket to dinner. I am so over the heat, I really hope this cold spell lasts a lot longer than the last one did.

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  1. I hope so, too! This hot weather has got to go! And I won't even mind if the cold lasts as long as it did last year... on into February!!! I love the colder weather... I was happy to go out to Walmart this morning and run errands.

    Emma is just too cute and I'm sure that her Geddo and Teta will be glad to see her holding her sign up to greet them!


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