Fun Filled, Beautiful Weather Weekend

Sunday, October 25, 2009
It was such a nice week and so awesome b/c we were outside for about 90% of it!! Friday night it was just the fam - we had dinner out and had a nice evening together. Very low key evening. Saturday we were out early b/c we had to take Sable to the vet. Time for her 2nd round of vaccinations. She is about 5 lbs now and the vet says she may reach 9 or 10lbs full grown. She did really well, though she usually doesn't like car rides - they usually end up in her lunch coming back. Ewww!! Next time we make a long trip I think we're going to take the vet up on his offer to give us something for her to take to ease either her stomach or nerves - whatever it is that is making her car sick. We go back in another month and she'll finally be finished and then it's time for once a year trips to the vet.  I do need to get some updated pics of her. She's grown since the last pics I posted. She is just now big enough to jump up onto the couch on her own - just started doing that Saturday actually. After the visit to the vet we brought Sable home to chill out - she'd had enough after the pokes and prods from the vet!! We went right back out, though to run errands for a while before lunch and then picked up Jacob's b'day cake - his mommy had ordered it from Lindy's near the house - the best cake place ever!! So it was easy for us to pick it up and bring it to the party instead of them making a trip out since they had so much else going on getting ready.

The plan for the evening was for the three of us to go out to the Christmas Tree Farm for their annual Pumpkin Patch, but Michael got invited to play in a benefit poker tournament so Teta & Geddo came over to go with Emma and me instead. It was a lot of fun, too - we went with all the neighbors and kiddos. We took a hayride, roasted weiners and marshmallows for smores and the kids ran and ran and ran and ran all over the playground!! They had a great time! We made it home around 9:30 - Michael was still at the tournament at that time. My parents hung around a while to visit and then tuck Emma into bed. I stayed up for a little while after to upload the pics from the evening.

Pumpkin Patch (11)You can see all the pics here. This was one of the few that Emma smiled for - she had a great time and is usually such a ham for the camera, but lately she is being so stubborn when it comes to smiling for me! They all had a lot of fun, though and it was a great evening! We missed daddy coming with us, but it turned out that he had a good night, too.

I had gone to bed after my parents left and then something woke me around 2:00 AM. I don't really know what it was, but I guess I was up investigating and heard Michael come in from the garage - he was a little anxious and said something about someone hitting him in the car and driving off...I couldn't really understand (it was 2:00 in the morning after all and I was still asleep), so I followed him outside to check out the car. He took me to look at the back bumper and I guess I thought it was b/c I was still half asleep, but I couldn't see a dent or scratch anywhere...then he pointed to the 42" LCD TV that was barely fitting in the back seat of our car. He had beat out about 90 people to take home the first place in the poker tournament. It still took me a while to comprehend after he told me!! He was so excited - and rightly so - he had played a good night obviously and came home with first place to prove it! Funny thing - we had just bought a 50" Plasma about three weeks ago!!! LOL! It was still pretty awesome of him!! He's been loving telling the stories of the night! :)

Today we also had a full day - we got up for church (very sleepy I might add b/c after Michael came in at 2:00 we were up a while b/c he was telling me the events of the evening), but we made it to church on time. It was a great service, too. Our pastor is starting a series called I'd Marry You All Over Again - a series on marriage. I'm anxious to hear it through. Afterwards I was able to get Emma to take a quick 45 minute nap before it was time to head out to Jacob's b'day party. I have pics, but won't have them up tonight. I'm doing good to write this post! We had a great time at his first b'day party. The kids all had so much fun playing and the weather was so nice! Afterwards we went back to Jamie & Steven's house to watch some football and let the kids play together a while longer. Jacob has a whole new wardrobe after his party today, too!! He got some really cute clothes and fun toys! I had a time keeping my eyes on Emma - there were ponds on either side of us and with her running everywhere we couldn't take our eyes off her for one second! Yeah - I was one of those hovering moms today! HA HA!

Well, I've posted the highlights and will get the pics up from today tomorrow hopefully - hubby wants the laptop so I will bring it to a close and go chill a while before I close my eyes!!