All Dressed Up

Monday, October 19, 2009
This weekend Michael and I had a nice night out - Saturday we had a dinner party to attend for work in River Oaks and we stayed nearby at the St. Regis. It was pretty cool b/c it was right across from the apartments I used to live in before I started dating Michael. I did love living down there then, but am glad I don't have to fight the traffic now. When it's time to get home I just want to be able to go!!

So, Saturday we took Emma to my parents' house to spend the night - I took church clothes, but mother had recently bought her a new dress for her b'day (not until December) and of course, she couldn't wait until December so she put it on her for church Sunday!! LOL!

I love the dress - it is so adorable and perfect for the cooler weather we're having right now! And I wasn't surprised that mother went ahead & gave it to her - she can never wait to give gifts once she buys them!! It was a perfect weekend for her to stay at my parents' too b/c my Grannie was in town for the weekend. My aunt had to go to Angleton for the weekend and so on her way through she stopped by my parents' house so Grannie could stay and visit for the weekend.

Sunday afternoon/evening the weather was so wonderful - we took full advantage and played outside in the backyard for a long time! We chased Sable around and played kick ball and catch and Emma climbed in/on/around her slide and playhouse! I really hope this weather lasts a long time. It so nice to be able to go outside and play and be comfortable. Next weekend we are going to the Pumpkin Patch and a b'day party which are both outside and I really hope the weather is just as nice as it is now for both!