Reading with Grannie

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We surprised Grannie with a visit this week (took a few days off) and stayed a couple days with her. Emma loves her Grannie! Grannie was so excited to see us drive up, too! I got her on the phone and she said someone is driving up - I told her she better go see who it was while I was on the phone and then heard her excited scream into the phone when she realized it was us!!

It was nice to get away a few days, too. We rode the four-wheeler and the mule all over the pasture at my sister's house - they are building a lake so we drove the perimeter while Michael went fishing to see how big it is going to be! We also fed the horses - Emma loved that, though she wouldn't get too close to them!!

We've had a great, relaxing week off and have a very busy weekend planned, too. Then it's back to a busy work week, too!! We already should be out now getting things for this weekend so we can get back and finish getting the house in order, too!