Nearly 18 Weeks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Well, I'm approaching nearly 18 weeks now and our new little one is really growing! I officially cannot fit into my regular pants and have moved on to maternity clothes - though I need to do some shopping b/c I really don't have a lot. I didn't think I got rid of any, but so much of what I have it winter clothes, too and it's too hot to wear it now. I took this picture this morning before I left the house- the top is maternity, but not the skirt - I hope I don't stretch it out b/c I really like this skirt!


We have borrowed a prenatal heart monitor (or whatever they are called) from my neighbor and Emma got to hear her little brother/sister the other day! It was so cute! I asked her, "What did you hear?" and she answered "The baby in your tummy..." - so then I asked "What did he say?" to which she replied "Boom! Boom!" - it was too cute!!! It's going to be awesome when she gets to feel it move, too!

My parents are also on vacation right now. They went to Switzerland on Monday for my cousin's wedding - so jealous, wish we were able to make it now, but it's budget season so there is no way to get off work. They are thinking about going to Italy for a few days before coming home. Depends on if mother can stay away from Emma that long, though! LOL! They are supposed to come home on the 10th and it's killing her - and my dad, too!! I keep reminding her that it is only three Sundays and we'll talk on the webcam, too! In the meantime Emma has been coloring pictures for her that we'll take when we pic them up from the airport. I told her they were going on an airplane and she said, "Up in the sky????"

We've started using a Potty Timer, too - basically it is just my kitchen timer - but when it goes off it's Potty Time. And yay - it's been working!! For two days now Emma hasn't had a wet diaper or pull up so I think we're finally on to something! I just hope I'm not get excited too soon - we'll see how it goes! I am not thrilled at the thought of buying double the diapers when the new baby arrives b/c Emma isn't potty trained!