Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's A...

Ha! I wish I could keep it a secret, but we're all too excited!!! We're gonna have a son - Emma's gonna have a little brother!! And from the ultrasound pics there is no doubt either!

Michael was so excited he actually hollered "YES" when the tech said boy!! Emma was in there with us, too - she was too worried about me to really get what was going on! She kept saying, "What's she doing to my mommy?" Then when it was over she asked, "You all better Mommy?" I had to tell her there was nothing wrong with me - we were just there to look at her baby brother! She saw it and we pointed out his little pee-pee, but honestly I reall don't tink she quite gets it! LOL! She will soon enough! There are other scans here & one that points out the fact that it's a boy in case you missed it in the picture above!

He is growing at just right pace and weighs about 9 ounces now - got a long way to go till February, though! I am feeling little flutters, but nothing definite right now. And thankfully I am not as sick these days as I have been throughout this pregnancy. I still get sick from time to time, but usually no more than a couple times a week now.

Sable had a trip to the doctor yesterday, too - she got her first round of shots and got started on heart worm meds. The vet said she was looking good and very healthy. Michael had her nails trimmed, too - those sharp little things hurt like needles! She is still teething I guess, too but thankfully she hasn't chewed anything up. She just chews on her toys and our toes - which HURTS!! And we have to keep the bathroom door closed b/c before we know it our dirty clothes are out in the middle room - why dogs like to chew on dirty clothes I'll never understand! Ugh!

We got on the webcam this morning to chat with Teta & Geddo a while - they are leaving Zermat today to go back to Zurich, then on Tuesday they'll be going to Egypt until the 8th when they'll go back to Zurich and then be back in Houston on the 10th. They are having a great time and said they have about a thousand pics!! I can't wait to see them all. Really I can't wait for Michael and I to get to take Emma and her little brother around the world ourselves!! At the very least to Egypt!! Now Emma is cooking and washing dishes - gotta get these kids working on chores at an early age and our cinnamon rolls are done so I gotta go get them out of the oven!!


  1. YAY!! We are so excited and can't wait to meet our new little Nephew. Now Jacob gets someone to play with too! :-) Congrats Guys!

  2. Congrats Aunt Hanna!
    I just heard the news the other day from Mom!


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