Had planned to sleep in this morning...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009
but Emma & Sable had other plans for me! We took off this week for some much needed relaxation. It's a very busy (and sometimes stressful) time for me at work right now and I've been working hard to get a lot of things in order to be able to take off these fews days before it gets seriously busy. We didn't have any real plans - just to take off a little time together and do something fun! Michael drove out to Waco yesterday to go dove hunting with his cousin and will be back sometime this morning. Emma slept with me last night so I hoped she and I could sleep in a while this morning - well, her diaper didn't hold up through the night so we woke up to wet sheets - I'd planned for us to just go to her bed and back to sleep for at least another hour b/c that was about 7:00, but then Sable decided she was ready to go outside and would. not. be quiet. So, I had to get up and let her out, which got Emma up for good this time and so now I'm washing sheets, Emma is snuggled on the couch with her "chockit" (chocolate Ovaltine) milk and we're watching cartoons. At some point this morning I also busted a blood vessel in my finger. My finger started getting stiff and when I finally stopped and looked it was swollen and bruised. Don't know how that happened. Grrr...typing now is fun with that.

It really isn't too early except that I was up late last night. I don't sleep too well when Michael isn't here - I've become a scaredy-cat I guess b/c I hear every sound. Emma went to bed at her usual time - she was exhausted from our full day. We had played in the pool with friends and then had pizza delivered and all the kids played together the rest of the afternoon and rode bikes a while. She actually ended up in bed earlier than usual!! I had decided to rent The Secret Life of Bees since Michael was gone - I loved the book and knew he wouldn't really be interested so it was a good time for me to watch it. We've actually watched a lot of movies this weekend - The Wrestler, The Soloist, 17 Again and Taken. Emma ended up spending Friday & Saturday night (first time she's stayed away more than one night) with my parents - so Michael and I had some quality couch snuggling time watching movies. I ended up channel surfing for a long time after watching the movie instead of going to bed, though - so yeah, I had hoped to sleep in a bit longer!

Sunday when we went to pick Emma up from my parents' house we had planned to take her to the splash pad to play - it started thundering, though so while we were playing in the back yard I turned the sprinklers on her. It wasn't too long till she was just in her pull and after a bit that was off, too - so she ran around in the back yard *nekkid* playing in the water! She had a blast - and passed out the second we pulled out of my parents' driveway, too.

Now we're just picking up and playing till daddy gets home. We might go out for b'fast, too depending on what time Michael thinks he'll get home. I think they got their limit so we'll have dove on the grill next weekend.