Monday, September 21, 2009

Grease is the Word

Saturday night was so much fun! Elaine bought us tickets to see Grease for my birthday at the Hobby Center!  The show was great. We ate at Barnaby's beforehand, which was yummy! Elaine introduced me to their waffle fries & blue cheese fondue - Yum-O!! You have to try  it sometime.

I've never seen Grease on stage - only the movie (like a million times) - but it was so good. The order of some of the scenes weren't the same as the movie, but they did get all the songs in there, with a couple others added actually. I half expected to see people show up in costume - we did see a couple of ladies arrive in their Pink Lady jackets, though. They were pretty cute!It was a fun show to be at b/c I did know all the songs & you could tell people were really enjoying it! You couldn't help but wanna move around in your seat a bit to them!!

The Grease Lightening song was good, except instead of Danny Zuko taking the lead for the song it was Kenickie. He did do a good job, though - it was just different.


And Taylor Hicks was the Teen Angel - I must say he did a pretty good job, too. He's a total ham so he really played the part up well! They even had a small Idol jab in there for him! LOL! At the end after all the bows and encore songs he came out & had the stage to himself and sang his latest song, too.


We had a very good evening - thanks again so much Elaine for the tickets! By the time I made it home my household was all fast asleep.


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