Monday, September 28, 2009

More Tea Daddy?

Last night we were having tea parties in our pj's - over and over again!! Even to the point where when it was time to go to bed I was instructed to leave her "tea parties" on the coffee table and not put them up so she could have more tea parties this morning...and sure enough, when she got up this morning before she even was totally awake she was heading for her tea party!!

Her daddy had more than his share of tea, too!!

But seriously, when it's a face like this how could you NOT accept her gracious hospitality!?!?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dinner is almost ready!!

Baked beans & squash casserole on the side! Mmmm....


It's A...

Ha! I wish I could keep it a secret, but we're all too excited!!! We're gonna have a son - Emma's gonna have a little brother!! And from the ultrasound pics there is no doubt either!

Michael was so excited he actually hollered "YES" when the tech said boy!! Emma was in there with us, too - she was too worried about me to really get what was going on! She kept saying, "What's she doing to my mommy?" Then when it was over she asked, "You all better Mommy?" I had to tell her there was nothing wrong with me - we were just there to look at her baby brother! She saw it and we pointed out his little pee-pee, but honestly I reall don't tink she quite gets it! LOL! She will soon enough! There are other scans here & one that points out the fact that it's a boy in case you missed it in the picture above!

He is growing at just right pace and weighs about 9 ounces now - got a long way to go till February, though! I am feeling little flutters, but nothing definite right now. And thankfully I am not as sick these days as I have been throughout this pregnancy. I still get sick from time to time, but usually no more than a couple times a week now.

Sable had a trip to the doctor yesterday, too - she got her first round of shots and got started on heart worm meds. The vet said she was looking good and very healthy. Michael had her nails trimmed, too - those sharp little things hurt like needles! She is still teething I guess, too but thankfully she hasn't chewed anything up. She just chews on her toys and our toes - which HURTS!! And we have to keep the bathroom door closed b/c before we know it our dirty clothes are out in the middle room - why dogs like to chew on dirty clothes I'll never understand! Ugh!

We got on the webcam this morning to chat with Teta & Geddo a while - they are leaving Zermat today to go back to Zurich, then on Tuesday they'll be going to Egypt until the 8th when they'll go back to Zurich and then be back in Houston on the 10th. They are having a great time and said they have about a thousand pics!! I can't wait to see them all. Really I can't wait for Michael and I to get to take Emma and her little brother around the world ourselves!! At the very least to Egypt!! Now Emma is cooking and washing dishes - gotta get these kids working on chores at an early age and our cinnamon rolls are done so I gotta go get them out of the oven!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wish We Were There

My parents seem to be having a great visit in Switzerland!! Sure does look a lot cooler than it is here!! I can't wait till Michael and I are able to take our kids - they will love it! It's been a long time since I've been there - too, too long!


The wedding was actually in Zermatt this past Saturday - their hotel there looks out at the Matterhorn! You can't ask for a more beautiful background -I can't wait to see all the wedding pictures! My cousin spends a lot of time skiing in this area - and who can blame him! It's breathtaking!!


I haven't got all the details of the wedding yet, but this I'm assuming is a picture leaving the ceremony! That is my cousin Andre and his new bride Andrea riding in the buggy!


My parents are staying in Switzerland a while longer with my cousin & aunt & uncle and then I think they are heading to Italy before they come home - unless they decide to spend the time in Egypt. I don't know if they have made up their minds yet!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Grease is the Word

Saturday night was so much fun! Elaine bought us tickets to see Grease for my birthday at the Hobby Center!  The show was great. We ate at Barnaby's beforehand, which was yummy! Elaine introduced me to their waffle fries & blue cheese fondue - Yum-O!! You have to try  it sometime.

I've never seen Grease on stage - only the movie (like a million times) - but it was so good. The order of some of the scenes weren't the same as the movie, but they did get all the songs in there, with a couple others added actually. I half expected to see people show up in costume - we did see a couple of ladies arrive in their Pink Lady jackets, though. They were pretty cute!It was a fun show to be at b/c I did know all the songs & you could tell people were really enjoying it! You couldn't help but wanna move around in your seat a bit to them!!

The Grease Lightening song was good, except instead of Danny Zuko taking the lead for the song it was Kenickie. He did do a good job, though - it was just different.


And Taylor Hicks was the Teen Angel - I must say he did a pretty good job, too. He's a total ham so he really played the part up well! They even had a small Idol jab in there for him! LOL! At the end after all the bows and encore songs he came out & had the stage to himself and sang his latest song, too.


We had a very good evening - thanks again so much Elaine for the tickets! By the time I made it home my household was all fast asleep.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nearly 18 Weeks

Well, I'm approaching nearly 18 weeks now and our new little one is really growing! I officially cannot fit into my regular pants and have moved on to maternity clothes - though I need to do some shopping b/c I really don't have a lot. I didn't think I got rid of any, but so much of what I have it winter clothes, too and it's too hot to wear it now. I took this picture this morning before I left the house- the top is maternity, but not the skirt - I hope I don't stretch it out b/c I really like this skirt!


We have borrowed a prenatal heart monitor (or whatever they are called) from my neighbor and Emma got to hear her little brother/sister the other day! It was so cute! I asked her, "What did you hear?" and she answered "The baby in your tummy..." - so then I asked "What did he say?" to which she replied "Boom! Boom!" - it was too cute!!! It's going to be awesome when she gets to feel it move, too!

My parents are also on vacation right now. They went to Switzerland on Monday for my cousin's wedding - so jealous, wish we were able to make it now, but it's budget season so there is no way to get off work. They are thinking about going to Italy for a few days before coming home. Depends on if mother can stay away from Emma that long, though! LOL! They are supposed to come home on the 10th and it's killing her - and my dad, too!! I keep reminding her that it is only three Sundays and we'll talk on the webcam, too! In the meantime Emma has been coloring pictures for her that we'll take when we pic them up from the airport. I told her they were going on an airplane and she said, "Up in the sky????"

We've started using a Potty Timer, too - basically it is just my kitchen timer - but when it goes off it's Potty Time. And yay - it's been working!! For two days now Emma hasn't had a wet diaper or pull up so I think we're finally on to something! I just hope I'm not get excited too soon - we'll see how it goes! I am not thrilled at the thought of buying double the diapers when the new baby arrives b/c Emma isn't potty trained!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reading with Grannie

We surprised Grannie with a visit this week (took a few days off) and stayed a couple days with her. Emma loves her Grannie! Grannie was so excited to see us drive up, too! I got her on the phone and she said someone is driving up - I told her she better go see who it was while I was on the phone and then heard her excited scream into the phone when she realized it was us!!

It was nice to get away a few days, too. We rode the four-wheeler and the mule all over the pasture at my sister's house - they are building a lake so we drove the perimeter while Michael went fishing to see how big it is going to be! We also fed the horses - Emma loved that, though she wouldn't get too close to them!!

We've had a great, relaxing week off and have a very busy weekend planned, too. Then it's back to a busy work week, too!! We already should be out now getting things for this weekend so we can get back and finish getting the house in order, too!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Had planned to sleep in this morning...

but Emma & Sable had other plans for me! We took off this week for some much needed relaxation. It's a very busy (and sometimes stressful) time for me at work right now and I've been working hard to get a lot of things in order to be able to take off these fews days before it gets seriously busy. We didn't have any real plans - just to take off a little time together and do something fun! Michael drove out to Waco yesterday to go dove hunting with his cousin and will be back sometime this morning. Emma slept with me last night so I hoped she and I could sleep in a while this morning - well, her diaper didn't hold up through the night so we woke up to wet sheets - I'd planned for us to just go to her bed and back to sleep for at least another hour b/c that was about 7:00, but then Sable decided she was ready to go outside and would. not. be quiet. So, I had to get up and let her out, which got Emma up for good this time and so now I'm washing sheets, Emma is snuggled on the couch with her "chockit" (chocolate Ovaltine) milk and we're watching cartoons. At some point this morning I also busted a blood vessel in my finger. My finger started getting stiff and when I finally stopped and looked it was swollen and bruised. Don't know how that happened. Grrr...typing now is fun with that.

It really isn't too early except that I was up late last night. I don't sleep too well when Michael isn't here - I've become a scaredy-cat I guess b/c I hear every sound. Emma went to bed at her usual time - she was exhausted from our full day. We had played in the pool with friends and then had pizza delivered and all the kids played together the rest of the afternoon and rode bikes a while. She actually ended up in bed earlier than usual!! I had decided to rent The Secret Life of Bees since Michael was gone - I loved the book and knew he wouldn't really be interested so it was a good time for me to watch it. We've actually watched a lot of movies this weekend - The Wrestler, The Soloist, 17 Again and Taken. Emma ended up spending Friday & Saturday night (first time she's stayed away more than one night) with my parents - so Michael and I had some quality couch snuggling time watching movies. I ended up channel surfing for a long time after watching the movie instead of going to bed, though - so yeah, I had hoped to sleep in a bit longer!

Sunday when we went to pick Emma up from my parents' house we had planned to take her to the splash pad to play - it started thundering, though so while we were playing in the back yard I turned the sprinklers on her. It wasn't too long till she was just in her pull and after a bit that was off, too - so she ran around in the back yard *nekkid* playing in the water! She had a blast - and passed out the second we pulled out of my parents' driveway, too.

Now we're just picking up and playing till daddy gets home. We might go out for b'fast, too depending on what time Michael thinks he'll get home. I think they got their limit so we'll have dove on the grill next weekend.