We opted for 2 candles...

Monday, August 17, 2009
instead of 95! On Grannie's 90th b'day we actually did put 90 candles on her cake - 45 on one side & 45 on the other!!

You can see that bonfire here just before everyone helped Grannie blow out the candles...

This time my aunt just bought a "9" and a "5" candle!! LOL! Much less of a fire hazard and Grannie was able to blow them out on her own! (You can see someone had already snagged a couple of the cupcakes!)


The party turned out great! I was trying to think today if anyone was unable to be there and I think one or two of the great-grandchildren were out of the state and were the only ones not there! Grannie had a great day! You could tell at times she was really missing my uncle, which we all were, but she still had so much family around her & that was so important! Sunday we were all with her at church, too - we took up four pews during the service!!

Before we went to her party I wanted to get some video of Grannie - I asked her to reflect on the last 95 years of her life - she made it until the time my  mother got married, but then my cousin came in so we didn't get to finish. The rest of the time we were there I didn't get her alone, so next time we go up to visit I'll have to be sure to take my video camera again and get her to finish. My cousin did get some video of her during the party re-telling stories she told to all of us when we were children.

Grannie also wrote a poem about her 95th b'day which she had me read to everyone. She has written poetry all her life - I always expect one in b'day and Christmas cards! I love her writing!

I was so glad to be there with her to share this special day with her & all my family!