So, 1/3 of the way...

Friday, August 07, 2009
Next week marks the end of my first trimester - WOW! It did seem to go by really fast! I seriously have to start shopping for maternity clothes, though. The few things that I have from when I was pregnant with Emma are mostly cool weather clothes and I don't think we're going to have a cold front pass through any time soon - so I really need to get something for now! This in-between time just really sucks clothes-wise, though.

In other news (I promise not to turn this into a pregnancy blog, though - or at least try not to - it's just what is going on now!) - have I mentioned that I joined a fantasy football league with my co-workers!?!? Yeah - don't ask me what I was thinking. I've had my fill, or thought I had, of fantasy football with Michael and his THREE leagues - but I guess it's one of those "if you can't beat em, join em" type things! Several of my immediate coworkers are in this league together (all the players work here actually, but I know/work with about half myself) so not only do I get to hear FF stuff at home all the time, I also get an earful here at work and when that convo starts up I usually am lost so I just head out! Well, last year they kept saying they wanted me to get in the league and it turns out that one of the players decided not to participate this year, so I was asked to fill in the open spot. I went back and forth about it - I mean I know football, but I don't really know the players well enough to build my own team - and I was told Michael couldn't do the draft for me. He can help and build me my cheat sheets, but he'll be home with Emma while I'm doing the draft. I am not as worried about the rest of the season - it's just the initial building of the team that I am worried about really! And at least now when Michael is glued to the TV on Sundays, Mondays and later Thursdays I'll have an interest b/c I'll be anxious to see how my own guys do - and maybe can even talk a little trash to him if my players do better than his! LOL!

And ya know another benefit I heard is that people who keep up with sports scores and stats and all that have a better memory than those who don't - so I am going to definitely put that theory to the test - b/c my short term memory is awful! I blame pregnancy b/c it started when I got pregnant with Emma!!

Oh - and I got a cool team name, too. NO PUNT INTENDED! Okay - so it was Michael's suggestion, but I really like it!