Play Day

Friday, August 21, 2009

We had such a great day today - Michael and I both took today off to take Emma to the beach. We left around 11:30 heading down to Galveston - had yummy shrimp at Casey's - then spent the next four or so hours playing on the beach! We swam and built a sandcastle and then Emma decided she was ready for a little relaxation!
Napping on the beach

She was so funny, though. After playing a while she decided she didn't like getting dirt on her feet or hands!! She told me she was done and was going to Mommy's car!! After we convinced her to stay, though she still didn't want to get dirty! So once she found sanctuary from the dirt on the blanket she decided it was best to just stay there! LOL!! I didn't realize I had such a prissy little girl!!

Once we got in the car heading back she was out almost immediately and slept the whole way home - which took a while b/c of the weather. It was beautiful on Galveston then about 20 minutes up the road we came into the middle of the rain and lightening storm we'd been watching as we drove up on it. We made it through that band of storm - hit clear skies and open road for a while then just before we made it home hit another band of storm which slowed us down a bit again! It's raining outside now and lightening still. Love the storms, just not a fan while we're driving home with my baby girl.

My legs are a little burned from today, but not bad and it was such a fun day I don't even care! It was a great day!!