My Busy Weekend (by Emma)

Monday, August 10, 2009
I had so much fun this weekend...during the morning on Friday wasn't too great b/c daddy took me to the doctor - just a follow up from my ear infection. Doctor said everything looks good, though!! Then Friday night daddy was gone so it was just me & Mommy at home. We played outside for a long time (past dark) with my friends & even Auntie Elaine came over to visit! She brought me the cutest outfit from her trip to Belize, too! I love it & didn't want to take it off after Mommy tried it on me! Saturday morning I hung out with daddy while mommy went to get a manicure & pedicure - she was gone for a long time and I got to make daddy fix me breakfast! That evening I got to take Katelynn her b'day present - I will miss her b'day party b/c my Grannie's b'day (my great-grandmother, actually) is turning 95 on the day of Katelynn's b'day and we have all the family coming in to celebrate! Can you believe someone can be 95 years old!!! Pretty amazing! Katelynn and I had a lot of fun, though and after we opened presents & played with them a while (Jacob kept trying to eat it! HA!) our mommies and daddies took us to ChuckE Cheese to play! We had a blast!

Then on Sunday I got to go to another play play - we went to Isabel's 3rd b'day party. I had a blast there, too and daddy went on the big slides with me and jump in every jumper with me! I think the enjoyed it as much as I did!

Needless to say after such a full weekend I crashed on the way home Sunday as soon as I got into the car to head home...and even after that good nap fell asleep at least 30 minutes before my regular bedtime. Mommy & daddy were pretty tired, too and mommy had another rough weekend b/c of my little brother or sister. She was sick a lot this weekend. She is exactly 12 weeks today, though so maybe all the sickness will be over for good soon.