Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's my Friday...wait, no it's not.

Oh, that's right. It's budget season. That means no more Fridays off, or at least most of them, until budget season is finished. That's also why there hasn't been a post all week. No time during the day (even working during lunch) and in the evening the last thing I feel like doing is getting on the computer.

So - there will be short bursts from me now & then on Twitter and/or on Facebook, though you have to be my friend on FB to see anything.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB. I thought I would be having an ultrasound b/c I was told I could find out the sex of the baby at 15 weeks (it was 20 when I was pregnant with Emma), but nope - I'm just scheduled to see the doctor, no visit with the ultrasound technician! Next visit, though we'll be doing that so be looking for a pink or blue theme come (approximately) September 25th!!

Last night, though I felt him/her move - really move - for the first time! I've felt little nudges now and then over the past week that I thought might have been the baby, but they were pretty faint. Last night there was so wondering - it was definitely the baby getting his/her exercise!!! It's about 3+ inches long now - maybe the size of a large lemon (or a small apple if you prefer non-citrus) - so definitely big enough to feel bouncing around in there, but not big enough to feel on the outside. I can't wait until then b/c I think it's gonna be so cool when Emma gets to feel her little brother/sister (man I'm ready to stop playing the pronoun game) move for the first time! We'll have to try to catch that on video!

Well as I've mentioned it is indeed budget season and I really gotta get to work - just wanted to catch up while working on my b'fast! Have a great day all!

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