Glowing Skin my %#&&*$!!

Monday, August 03, 2009
I asked the same question when I was pregnant with Emma! I thought when you got pregnant you were supposed to have this radiant, glowing skin - not me - I break out like a teenager! I have had a LOT more morning (all day) sickness this time around. I've actually lost weight so far with this pregnancy b/c I just can't eat most foods. Fruit is fine, though. I've tripled my fruit intake since being pregnant. Especially grapefruit. I can't get enough. Which was not the case with Emma. With her it was coke that I wanted more than anything - so this is a better craving I guess! I can't do crackers for the nausea b/c they are too dry, but oranges help more than anything. Well, really any fruit seems to be helping. I've gone through a huge bag of those smaller granny smith apples, peaches, plums and yes the grapefruit!

I'm in my 11th week now so I hope after next week most of the sickness will be gone as I finish my first trimester. My doctor gave me a prescription for Zofran, but being so close to the end of my first trimester I thought I would wait one more week & see if it gets better before filling the prescription. If it doesn't, it's off to the pharmacy I go! Though I am still very, very tired I'm not nearly like I was with Emma. With her I could have at any given moment or place closed my eyes and went to sleep during the first three months. This time around, though yes still tired a lot, but I do have a bit more energy at least than with Emma.

It was still very, very cool to see the ultrasound again - even though it was the 2nd time around. The tech said she had been doing that for 18 years and it was still amazing to her, too! She told me to push on my stomach a little bit and see if he/she would move and sure enough he took off doing a little dance for the camera! LOL!! I don't remember seeing Emma move any that early so it was really awesome to see! I wished Michael had been there, but poor 2nd baby already getting slighted - since I just went during my lunch break & came back to work I told him not to take a vacation day. I have a ton more than he does (about 8 weeks w/ carryover days) and I want him to be able to carry over as many days as possible so he can take time off to stay home some with me and the baby next year. I was told now that we will be able to see the sex of the baby at 15 weeks. It was 20 with Emma. I would love to say I want it to be a surprise, but I know that we'll end of finding out. It's just so much easier to get things prepared. Especially b/c I have so much girlie stuff and if it turns out to be a boy I want to get a lot of that cleared out to make room for boy stuff and I don't want to have to tackle that job after the baby is here.

I do need to get shopping for some comfy maternity clothes now, though. I have some from the first time still that will be good for work, but not enough and all of my regular clothes are definitely not fitting well and definitely not comfy. I'm only wearing skirts b/c they either have elastic waists or I can pull them up higher over my waistline so they don't bother me. I might as well go ahead and pack up all my pants though (or finally get a bella band) b/c I cannot stand to have anything button/constricting on my waist. I have a very real pooch already and you can't suck this one in for buttoning up pants!