Beautiful Smile

Monday, August 31, 2009
Backyard fun (3)The weather was great this weekend for playing outside - and that is just what we did Sunday after Emma woke up from her nap. Michael grilled for dinner last night so while he was outside Emma, Sabel and I went out with him to enjoy the nice afternoon. Out backyard has a lot of shade in the evening, which is great! And Emma discovered the fun that is the Willow Trees! I told them they were her castle and that was it! She was in and out of them saying "I'm a Princess"!!

Backyard fun (17)She found a fallen branch and then that was her wand - she turned her daddy into a frog! "Ribbit! Ribbit!" Sable got to explore outside, too - she kept eating the grass, though. I thought dogs only ate grass when they were sick - she sure doesn't seem to be sick! So, I don't know what gives there! Then she started on the leaves from the Willow Trees. Silly dog!Sable (1)

It's as hard to take pictures of her as it is to get pictures of Emma these days - she won't be still and she is constantly up on me - she kept racing after the camera would I would point it at her to take a picture!!

Sable (2)

I did manage to get a short video of her - I love seeing her run through the grass - she hops more than runs b/c the grass covers her entire short little legs! LOL!

The one yucky thing from this weekend was Sunday - after church we went to eat and when we parked Michael saw a screw in one of the tires. We went to get it fixed after we finished eating and, of course, it was too close to the edge to fix so we had to buy a whole new tire. *blech* That wasn't fun, but at least the tires on my car are a lot smaller than on Michael's truck so it was about half the price!

The rest of the weekend was fantastic, though - quiet and peaceful - got a lot of cleaning done on Saturday. Still need to finish laundry, though. I hate putting up laundry!