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Beautiful Smile

The weather was great this weekend for playing outside - and that is just what we did Sunday after Emma woke up from her nap. Michael grilled for dinner last night so while he was outside Emma, Sabel and I went out with him to enjoy the nice afternoon. Out backyard has a lot of shade in the evening, which is great! And Emma discovered the fun that is the Willow Trees! I told them they were her castle and that was it! She was in and out of them saying "I'm a Princess"!!

She found a fallen branch and then that was her wand - she turned her daddy into a frog! "Ribbit! Ribbit!" Sable got to explore outside, too - she kept eating the grass, though. I thought dogs only ate grass when they were sick - she sure doesn't seem to be sick! So, I don't know what gives there! Then she started on the leaves from the Willow Trees. Silly dog!

It's as hard to take pictures of her as it is to get pictures of Emma these days - she won't be still and she is constantly…

Photo Friday: Seaside

Relaxing on Galveston Island

It's my Friday...wait, no it's not.

Oh, that's right. It's budget season. That means no more Fridays off, or at least most of them, until budget season is finished. That's also why there hasn't been a post all week. No time during the day (even working during lunch) and in the evening the last thing I feel like doing is getting on the computer.

So - there will be short bursts from me now & then on Twitter and/or on Facebook, though you have to be my friend on FB to see anything.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB. I thought I would be having an ultrasound b/c I was told I could find out the sex of the baby at 15 weeks (it was 20 when I was pregnant with Emma), but nope - I'm just scheduled to see the doctor, no visit with the ultrasound technician! Next visit, though we'll be doing that so be looking for a pink or blue theme come (approximately) September 25th!!

Last night, though I felt him/her move - really move - for the first time! I've felt little nudges now and then over the pas…

Emma gives the best hugs

With Geddo

Looking at pictures with Teta

Teta & Geddo came to visit this afternoon!

Play Day

We had such a great day today - Michael and I both took today off to take Emma to the beach. We left around 11:30 heading down to Galveston - had yummy shrimp at Casey's - then spent the next four or so hours playing on the beach! We swam and built a sandcastle and then Emma decided she was ready for a little relaxation!

She was so funny, though. After playing a while she decided she didn't like getting dirt on her feet or hands!! She told me she was done and was going to Mommy's car!! After we convinced her to stay, though she still didn't want to get dirty! So once she found sanctuary from the dirt on the blanket she decided it was best to just stay there! LOL!! I didn't realize I had such a prissy little girl!!
Once we got in the car heading back she was out almost immediately and slept the whole way home - which took a while b/c of the weather. It was beautiful on Galveston then about 20 minutes up the road we came into the middle of the rain and lightening storm…

We opted for 2 candles...

instead of 95! On Grannie's 90th b'day we actually did put 90 candles on her cake - 45 on one side & 45 on the other!!

You can see that bonfire here just before everyone helped Grannie blow out the candles...

This time my aunt just bought a "9" and a "5" candle!! LOL! Much less of a fire hazard and Grannie was able to blow them out on her own! (You can see someone had already snagged a couple of the cupcakes!)

The party turned out great! I was trying to think today if anyone was unable to be there and I think one or two of the great-grandchildren were out of the state and were the only ones not there! Grannie had a great day! You could tell at times she was really missing my uncle, which we all were, but she still had so much family around her & that was so important! Sunday we were all with her at church, too - we took up four pews during the service!!
Before we went to her party I wanted to get some video of Grannie - I asked her to reflect on the las…

Well now we need a name!

Hanna Kubeczka
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Hanna Kubeczka
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95 Amazing Years

Today is my Grannie's 95th Birthday! What an amazing thing to celebrate! The whole family is up in East Texas today to celebrate with her. I'll have pictures to share soon.
Grannie & PaPa (who has already gone to heaven) had two children, seven grandchildren, twenty-five great-grandchildren, and eleven great-great-grandchildren. So, that's forty-five direct descendants and times that by about 1.5 as most are married - you come to over 60 people all here b/c of this wonderful woman - and she really is a very wonderful woman. If you've ever met her, even once, then you know exactly how wonderful she really is and were blessed to have met her.

Birthday Wishes

To two sweeties!!! Katelynn (my niece) turns 2 today and Isabel (my great-niece) turns 3 today!! Happy Birthday Darlings!!!

Yay for Friday!

Time to do my Happy Dance! Yeah - I know it's Thursday, but tomorrow is my Friday off so today is Friday!

Ready to order!

My Busy Weekend (by Emma)

I had so much fun this weekend...during the morning on Friday wasn't too great b/c daddy took me to the doctor - just a follow up from my ear infection. Doctor said everything looks good, though!! Then Friday night daddy was gone so it was just me & Mommy at home. We played outside for a long time (past dark) with my friends & even Auntie Elaine came over to visit! She brought me the cutest outfit from her trip to Belize, too! I love it & didn't want to take it off after Mommy tried it on me! Saturday morning I hung out with daddy while mommy went to get a manicure & pedicure - she was gone for a long time and I got to make daddy fix me breakfast! That evening I got to take Katelynn her b'day present - I will miss her b'day party b/c my Grannie's b'day (my great-grandmother, actually) is turning 95 on the day of Katelynn's b'day and we have all the family coming in to celebrate! Can you believe someone can be 95 years old!!! Pretty amazi…

So, 1/3 of the way...

Next week marks the end of my first trimester - WOW! It did seem to go by really fast! I seriously have to start shopping for maternity clothes, though. The few things that I have from when I was pregnant with Emma are mostly cool weather clothes and I don't think we're going to have a cold front pass through any time soon - so I really need to get something for now! This in-between time just really sucks clothes-wise, though.

In other news (I promise not to turn this into a pregnancy blog, though - or at least try not to - it's just what is going on now!) - have I mentioned that I joined a fantasy football league with my co-workers!?!? Yeah - don't ask me what I was thinking. I've had my fill, or thought I had, of fantasy football with Michael and his THREE leagues - but I guess it's one of those "if you can't beat em, join em" type things! Several of my immediate coworkers are in this league together (all the players work here actually, but I kno…

Too Many Tulips

Glowing Skin my %#&&*$!!

I asked the same question when I was pregnant with Emma! I thought when you got pregnant you were supposed to have this radiant, glowing skin - not me - I break out like a teenager! I have had a LOT more morning (all day) sickness this time around. I've actually lost weight so far with this pregnancy b/c I just can't eat most foods. Fruit is fine, though. I've tripled my fruit intake since being pregnant. Especially grapefruit. I can't get enough. Which was not the case with Emma. With her it was coke that I wanted more than anything - so this is a better craving I guess! I can't do crackers for the nausea b/c they are too dry, but oranges help more than anything. Well, really any fruit seems to be helping. I've gone through a huge bag of those smaller granny smith apples, peaches, plums and yes the grapefruit!

I'm in my 11th week now so I hope after next week most of the sickness will be gone as I finish my first trimester. My doctor gave me a prescription …

She's a dancing queen

Emma didn't want to get off the dance floor at the wedding yesterday. "Mommy, come dance with me..." is what I heard all night! And she would grab my hand and pull me out there!!

My niece's wedding was beautiful - and my brother only has one more daughter to give away now - this was number 6!!!

Her colors were chocolate brown and yellow. It was a very simple, but elegant wedding. Outside ceremony - yeah we thought it was crazy, too but it's what the groom actually wanted - he isn't from Texas so he isn't aware of how miserable it can be outside. Thankfully, though the weather turned out to be fantastic. It was overcast and breezy so it was actually cool outside at 7:00 for the ceremony. We were worried about rain, but it never fell until we were all indoors for the reception! It was fun too b/c I got to see a lot of familiar faces from HS that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I couldn't believe how big their children were either! Some even had tee…