Ups & Downs

Monday, July 13, 2009

We did do a lot of fun things this weekend & all had a lot of fun, but my baby girl has been sick, too. I think she has a virus & of course there is nothing they can do for that. Saturday morning she woke up with a low grade fever very early in the morning. I gave her some Tylenol and we both went back to sleep - later that day we had a b'day party to go to so I was waiting to see if her fever came back before deciding to go. Thankfully it never did and I thought that was the end of it so Michael, Emma & I loaded up and picked up my mother and headed to my niece's house for the b'day party. The kids had a lot of fun & played till they were about to drop!!

My dad is off at work, so Michael and I asked Mother to just come spend the night with us and go to church with us the next morning. Emma loves to spend the night with her Teta so she was excited that Teta was coming to spend the night with her! It was good for me & Michael, too b/c we snuck out for a while that night to see Transformers 2! The next morning Emma felt a little warm and in fact had a very low grade fever again - so I gave her some more Tylenol and very quickly it dropped back to normal. So we went on to church then had brunch - then I followed Mother & Michael around the nursery in heels while they talked plants! I am so glad they have that in common b/c I do not have a green thumb at all like the two of them! They are always passing plants & cuttings between one another and talking about their gardens! So, after we spent a little money at the nursery Emma was ready to lay day for a nap. So mother & I relaxed on the couch and watched Kite Runner (also a very good movie - it was good movie weekend - Friday night we watched Taken, too. Great movie!) while Michael played on the computer and then potted his new plants. Emma's fever, while still low grade, was back up slightly after her nap & again it went away with some Tylenol.

The rest of the day she was fine. We played at home for a while, then took mother home and had friends over for dinner that night. It wasn't until around 9:00 when company was about to leave that I noticed she was acting puny again. Instead of playing with Gus like she had been most of the evening she just wanted to lay on the couch - now even though it was bedtime, usually when Gus is there to heck with sleeping - she wants to play. Sure enough - her fever was back again. This time it actually broke 100 degrees, though. Tylenol brought it right back down immediately, though. She didn't have any more fever through the night - though she did wake up a couple of times and ended up in our bed and still didn't have fever this morning so I took her on to the baby-sitter. Once I got there I found out our baby sitter is actually in the hospital, though. She had a bladder infection that apparently spread to her kidneys and caused them to shut down!! Her daughter was there today to keep the kids and told me that her prognosis has improved since they first took her - they were afraid she would have to go on dialysis, but now think that antibiotics are going to take care of it. Hopefully that will be the answer. I asked that they call me if Emma even had a slight fever today and I will make a doctor's appointment. Even though if it's a virus like I think it is there is nothing they'll be able to do for her - better safe than sorry. If she has any fever today that will be three days and that is too long.