I made cupcakes...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I've just been so extremely tired and busy lately and being so busy makes me even that much more tired...and you get it. It's a vicious, never-ending cycle...add to that the tiny amount of stress that I do allow into my life (b/c I'm not superwoman after all. I cannot ward it ALL off...) and well, you get the point - even more tired!

So, what's been going on? Well a lot actually, but I'm just gonna start with an update about this past weekend.
Friday I was off & had a full day planned. Emma was invited to Bring a Friend Day at Little Gym Friday morning by Gus down the street. So we were up and at 'em early Friday morning & Emma had a blast! She has such great balance already she tackled the balance beam so quickly and was jumping off like the little daredevil she really is! She also showed off her massive strength on the uneven bars and learned quickly from an skilled little girl how to flip up her legs and put her feet next to her hands on the bar (I haven't a clue when it comes to gymnast lingo so bear with...)! Afterwards we went to Kid-to-Kid to look around a while and well yes make purchases! Couldn't resist! By that time it was nearly lunch and Dennon was in town for work so we had planned to spend some time together before he had to head home. So Emma and I met him back at the house (perfect b/c she could eat and go down for her nap). We spent the next three hours catching up face to face - it's hard to believe how long it is between visits b/c we do a pretty good job of keeping up online or on the phone - but it had been over a year since we had seen one another! About the time he had to leave to catch his flight I had to leave for a hair appointment - so I took Emma to play with her friends at the baby-sitter's house a while. By the time we got home Michael was home from work.
Saturday we spent the morning running errands and then went out for lunch. Emma had a b'day party to go to after that and got to squeeze in a quick nap before we headed to my sister's house. Her husband is turning 50 in August and her youngest son will be 21 in August - since her son is here for only two weeks (Coast Guard) she decided to have everyone over to celebrate their b'days together! We had a great time visiting - all the kids ran wild in my sister's house and we had good company and good food (my sister is a great cook) all evening!

Last night we all gathered on our neighbor's front lawn for the kids to play - I made cupcake (yes, I did - now pick your jaw up off the floor) and took them down for all the kiddos. The weather was actually very nice and we had an early dinner so we were able to be outside and enjoy it for a while! I hope it stays decent for at least another day or so!