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Emma's Little Brother or Sister

10 weeks

Emma's Big Announcement

I'm 10wks and 1day pregnant - Emma's little brother/sister is set to arrive February 23rd!! I had my first ultrasound today (I'll scan & post that picture later)!! We've known since about the middle of June and family and a few friends have known (told them that day - HA! Couldn't keep a secret!), but I wanted to wait until I had a chance to see my doctor before posting anything! I'm actually a week further along than we thought. It's been a hard couple of months, too - I wasn't nearly this sick with Emma in the first trimester. Two more weeks, though and hopefully that will all be over with as my first trimester ends!!

August Desktop

Trying to blow a big bubble!

LOL! I thought this picture was hysterical! She kept trying to blow bubbles, but was holding the wand too far away from her face. I finally got her to hold it closer & then she had it down!

Like father - like daughter...

Just look at the two of them!

And before I get any grief from anyone - no, we do not let our daughter ride in the front seat of the mustang w/out a seat belt instead of the back in a car seat.
She usually drives!!!!!!!!!

I made cupcakes...

I've just been so extremely tired and busy lately and being so busy makes me even that much more tired...and you get it. It's a vicious, never-ending cycle...add to that the tiny amount of stress that I do allow into my life (b/c I'm not superwoman after all. I cannot ward it ALL off...) and well, you get the point - even more tired!

So, what's been going on? Well a lot actually, but I'm just gonna start with an update about this past weekend.
Friday I was off & had a full day planned. Emma was invited to Bring a Friend Day at Little Gym Friday morning by Gus down the street. So we were up and at 'em early Friday morning & Emma had a blast! She has such great balance already she tackled the balance beam so quickly and was jumping off like the little daredevil she really is! She also showed off her massive strength on the uneven bars and learned quickly from an skilled little girl how to flip up her legs and put her feet next to her hands on the bar (I hav…

Awesome Firefox Add-ons

StumbleUpon- Great way to find new & interesting stuff! And you can personalize it to your specifications so that you're only checking out sites that would interest you.

TimeTracker - It's an eye opener to see how much time you really spend online & this is a good tool for keeping yourself in check! Quit surfing with StumbleUpon & get back to work! LOL!

Emma Driving the Birthday Girl

Ups & Downs

We did do a lot of fun things this weekend & all had a lot of fun, but my baby girl has been sick, too. I think she has a virus & of course there is nothing they can do for that. Saturday morning she woke up with a low grade fever very early in the morning. I gave her some Tylenol and we both went back to sleep - later that day we had a b'day party to go to so I was waiting to see if her fever came back before deciding to go. Thankfully it never did and I thought that was the end of it so Michael, Emma & I loaded up and picked up my mother and headed to my niece's house for the b'day party. The kids had a lot of fun & played till they were about to drop!!

My dad is off at work, so Michael and I asked Mother to just come spend the night with us and go to church with us the next morning. Emma loves to spend the night with her Teta so she was excited that Teta was coming to spend the night with her! It was good for me & Michael, too b/c we snuck out for a w…

In my daughter's eyes

Patriotic Emma

We had a great 4th of July - I am just now getting around to putting up any pictures, though. I've just been so exhausted lately. Being off last week was great! I was afraid this week was really going to drag, but it's actually moving rather fast. We have another b'day party Saturday (and the following Saturday come to think of it), but otherwise I am hoping for a calm weekend. Emma had so much fun Saturday at the block party for July 4th !!Jamie & Steven & the kids spent the night with us - so Emma had two fun days playing with her cousins and the adults had a good time visiting - a good time until 2:00am to be exact!!

Independence Day

I hope everyone is having a good 4th of July so far! We've been running around a bit today already! This morning we went to my parents' house to pick up some fireworks we had there and visit a while...then it was back to the house to clean up and get food ready for this evening and Michael had to make a run back to the grocery store. We're having our annual July 4th cul-de-sac party this evening. Our neighbor is great about organizing this every year - and Halloween parties as well! Steven & Jamie are coming tonight, too so the kids will have a great time hanging out together. We've got the slip-n-slide and pool ready - watermelon (one for the kids and one for the adults that has a little punch to it!). Our street is so much fun - everyone is always out together doing stuff!

So...Happy 4th of July to all!!

What it's like to be a SAHM...or my week off!

WARNING - Ramblings about my week ahead:

I took PTO this week - Friday would have been my regular Friday off, but since the office was going to be closed for Independence Day my Friday off got moved to Thursday - so I would have only been in the office three days this week anyway. So, I decided to use some PTO for those three days as well! Michael is only going to be off Friday so it's just me and Emma hanging out.

I'm catching up on my laundry, which was way overdue...and a couple other errands I need to get off the list. Monday I had a dentist appointment - just my 6 month checkup. Doctor was very impressed with how my pearly whites were looking, but scolded me a little b/c I haven't been wearing my mouth guard at night. Talk of orthodontics or a crown in the future was enough to persuade me (I grind my teeth at night). I also made Emma's first appointment when I made my next 6 month appointment. She'll be three then - a lot of kids have gone before that age, but e…