I need you...lay down with me.

Sunday, June 07, 2009
That's Emma's new line at night when I'm tucking her in. We go to bed, say our prayers, gives hugs & kisses to daddy, then I sing her a song and give hugs & kisses, "night night", I love you's - it's a whole long orchastrated thing! Only now after all that she tells me, "I need you. Lay down with me" when I'm trying to walk out the door. It's hard to resist honestly cuz it's so sweet and being the cuddler that I am anyway, I take advantage of any cuddle moments I can get! So, I usually go back for a tight squeeze or two, say night night again and make it out the door just a few moments later than planned. No worries.

She has recently, though started climbing out of bed several times before finally going to sleep at night. I've always been thankful for how easily she goes down for naps and to bed at night, so I can't really complain about this & really I'm not. It usually doesn't last longer than thirty minutes - but she gets up a few times and wants hugs & kisses or to go potty or most recently for me to rock her. Again, being the cuddler that I am I don't mind snuggling my baby girl in the rocking chair a while. A couple times she has stated that she wanted to lay down in my bed, so I've let her lay down there while Michael and I are up in the living room - she falls asleep quickly and I put her back into her own bed. This isn't really a bad thing unless we're ready to go to bed at the same time - and though I wouldn't have a problem with her sleeping with us, she moves around way to much for our little Queen sized bed.

She has been wanting me to hold her a lot more these days, too  - and in restaurants telling me she is sleepy and wanting me to hold her and saying, "I want to lay on your shoulder," (when she is tired and we're out I hold her and say, "Lay your head on my shoulder..."). I don't think of her as being more needy really - she is trying to stay up when she is tired, though and she is always wanting me to hold her and hug on her (don't really mind the hugging part).