I love date nights...

Sunday, June 14, 2009
but sure miss my little wake up call in the mornings crawling in the bed with us!!

And it never fails when she spends the night on a Saturday night with my parents, Michael and I end up sleeping late and missing church, too. At least I know Emma went to church this morning with my parents.

Michael and I had a great time last night. We went to see The Hangover last night. I have to admit I really did not have high expectations about it - even though several people said they really liked it and thought it was hysterical. So many comedies today end up disappointing me b/c they are just more stupid than funny. The Hangover, though was not one of those - it was truly very funny!!


After the movie we headed home & realized it was still pretty early - we made it to the house and decided to go out for a while instead - so, we kept driving and headed back out to a local hangout; however, on the way we decided that since we weren't really dressed to go out and knew if we went in to change we wouldn't make it out again that we would hang out the rest of the night at home and Michael would play bartender! So, we turned around and headed back home - Michael fixed us up some yummy drinks and we snuggled down on the couch together to watch another movie. We settled on National Treasure & realized that Justin Bartha was in both movies we had watched tonight. (Nope I didn't know his name - I had to look him up!)

All in all it was a great evening together - out for a while then nice & cozy at home!

Michael is still snoozing this morning - I've been up since about 8:45 (even without Emma crawling in the bed in the mornings I still wake up relatively early). So, I'm settled on the couch with my coffee & the laptop watching TNT movies in the morning!! (We rearranged the living room yesterday - I really like the new layout so much better for couching & watching TV.)

(They are already working on The Hangover 2???)