Emma's Shark

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Have I told you how much Emma loves her shark tent? It's so funny. It's a really cute tent shaped like a shark - hence why it's called her "shark tent"!

My neighbor was out shopping & called me to tell me what she had found, thought Emma would like it & asked if I wanted to get it - so I thought sure. Why not? So glad I did b/c Emma LOVES it! As a matter of fact she has slept in it a couple of nights & even napped in it during the day a couple of times. When I told my parents she had a tent thought bought her a cute sleeping bag (Emma just calls it her "Bag") to use in it - works out perfectly!

This is one evening she wanted to spend the night in her tent - I think she was already asleep at this point, though usually she wants it zipped up!

She even got my mother in on the action - yes, that is my mother inside the tent with her!!