Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emma's Shark

Have I told you how much Emma loves her shark tent? It's so funny. It's a really cute tent shaped like a shark - hence why it's called her "shark tent"!

My neighbor was out shopping & called me to tell me what she had found, thought Emma would like it & asked if I wanted to get it - so I thought sure. Why not? So glad I did b/c Emma LOVES it! As a matter of fact she has slept in it a couple of nights & even napped in it during the day a couple of times. When I told my parents she had a tent thought bought her a cute sleeping bag (Emma just calls it her "Bag") to use in it - works out perfectly!

This is one evening she wanted to spend the night in her tent - I think she was already asleep at this point, though usually she wants it zipped up!

She even got my mother in on the action - yes, that is my mother inside the tent with her!!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

To the two most important men in my life and in my little girl's life! And to all the other daddies out there...Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun on the Boardwalk

We had such a great time today - it was so HOT, but it was fun to get out in the sun & play! We went down to Kemah today and met Steven, Jamie & Katelynn for lunch. We ate at the Flying Dutchman then took the girls out to play in the water. Such a relief from the heat, too! I welcomed all the times they splashed us!! They girls had snow cones & took a ride (a couple actually - they didn't want to get off) on the carousel, too!

After we got home & rested a bit, we walked down to the neighbor's house, too and Emma played outside with Gus for a while, too. Needless to say she had a fun & full day! I think she is going to sleep so well tonight!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love date nights...

but sure miss my little wake up call in the mornings crawling in the bed with us!!

And it never fails when she spends the night on a Saturday night with my parents, Michael and I end up sleeping late and missing church, too. At least I know Emma went to church this morning with my parents.

Michael and I had a great time last night. We went to see The Hangover last night. I have to admit I really did not have high expectations about it - even though several people said they really liked it and thought it was hysterical. So many comedies today end up disappointing me b/c they are just more stupid than funny. The Hangover, though was not one of those - it was truly very funny!!


After the movie we headed home & realized it was still pretty early - we made it to the house and decided to go out for a while instead - so, we kept driving and headed back out to a local hangout; however, on the way we decided that since we weren't really dressed to go out and knew if we went in to change we wouldn't make it out again that we would hang out the rest of the night at home and Michael would play bartender! So, we turned around and headed back home - Michael fixed us up some yummy drinks and we snuggled down on the couch together to watch another movie. We settled on National Treasure & realized that Justin Bartha was in both movies we had watched tonight. (Nope I didn't know his name - I had to look him up!)

All in all it was a great evening together - out for a while then nice & cozy at home!

Michael is still snoozing this morning - I've been up since about 8:45 (even without Emma crawling in the bed in the mornings I still wake up relatively early). So, I'm settled on the couch with my coffee & the laptop watching TNT movies in the morning!! (We rearranged the living room yesterday - I really like the new layout so much better for couching & watching TV.)

(They are already working on The Hangover 2???)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Shark ate my baby!!!

Our neighbor found this for Emma today!! She's having a blast!!

My Monochromatic Friend

"My Monochromatic Friend"

(do ya know what movie the title quote is from...)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I need you...lay down with me.

That's Emma's new line at night when I'm tucking her in. We go to bed, say our prayers, gives hugs & kisses to daddy, then I sing her a song and give hugs & kisses, "night night", I love you's - it's a whole long orchastrated thing! Only now after all that she tells me, "I need you. Lay down with me" when I'm trying to walk out the door. It's hard to resist honestly cuz it's so sweet and being the cuddler that I am anyway, I take advantage of any cuddle moments I can get! So, I usually go back for a tight squeeze or two, say night night again and make it out the door just a few moments later than planned. No worries.

She has recently, though started climbing out of bed several times before finally going to sleep at night. I've always been thankful for how easily she goes down for naps and to bed at night, so I can't really complain about this & really I'm not. It usually doesn't last longer than thirty minutes - but she gets up a few times and wants hugs & kisses or to go potty or most recently for me to rock her. Again, being the cuddler that I am I don't mind snuggling my baby girl in the rocking chair a while. A couple times she has stated that she wanted to lay down in my bed, so I've let her lay down there while Michael and I are up in the living room - she falls asleep quickly and I put her back into her own bed. This isn't really a bad thing unless we're ready to go to bed at the same time - and though I wouldn't have a problem with her sleeping with us, she moves around way to much for our little Queen sized bed.

She has been wanting me to hold her a lot more these days, too  - and in restaurants telling me she is sleepy and wanting me to hold her and saying, "I want to lay on your shoulder," (when she is tired and we're out I hold her and say, "Lay your head on my shoulder..."). I don't think of her as being more needy really - she is trying to stay up when she is tired, though and she is always wanting me to hold her and hug on her (don't really mind the hugging part).

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Riding the trolley in San Antonio - I am not really sure what she was Ooohhing about!

Summer is upon us...

June is here...can you believe it?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Back to our regularly scheduled show

Our week of vacation is over and we're back at work today. Had to happen sometime!

We did have a great week off, though - even through the sad part - it was nice to not be gone the entire time so we were able to be at home a few days and relax. Saturday night before we left Kadie had her 30th B'day/Guitar Hero party. We had such a great time and it was so fun to dress up, too - everyone was asked to dress "rock". I was happy Michael got into it like he did - he normally hates to do any kind of costume.

We didn't head out of town until Monday morning. Emma had stayed with my parents Sunday after we grilled at their house with my sister and her husband so Michael and I were packed and back at their house early Monday morning to pick them all up. We hit the road a little after 9:00 and made it to San Antonio in record time. Our hotel was on the outskirts of town, away from the River Walk, but close to Sea World which was the point of the trip anyway. So we took our time Monday - checked in - relaxed a while - then went downtown to the market and riverwalk. The next two days we spent at Sea World. It was a perfect time to go. It was overcast so the weather was cool and it wasn't crowded at all. Right after a holiday weekend and kids were still in school. There were lots of year end field trips going on, but we didn't have to wait in line for anything really. And since we had two day passes we didn't have to cram everything into one day - when we got tired the first day we went back to the hotel a while, swam, went out for a nice dinner then just saw the rest on day two! Very relaxing way to vacation!

Emma got to feed the dolphins...

And rode her first "ferris wheel"...

And see Shamu of course...

Shamu's Happy Harbor...

All the other pics here uploaded here...

My favorite part was the ski show! Yes b/c it was a good show, but mostly b/c Emma really got into it! I wish I had a video of her watching them. She was dancing the entire time - shaking her baby booty and twisting her shoulders!! It was hysterical!! Cute is what it was!

We came back to Houston Thursday. It was nice coming home knowing we didn't have to get everything else done that night to get ready for work the next day. We still had four more days. Which was needed, especially b/c of how sick Oreo was. Thursday night Michael had to make the sad decision about Oreo & Friday morning we had to say goodbye. We had hoped Oreo would go on his own, but it wasn't right to let him continue on when his quality of life was so bad. He hadn't walked in a few days - we were so thankful to our wonderful neighbors who took care of him while we were gone. He was started to go downhill just before we left. He was just much worse when we got home. We decided to get out of the house the rest of Friday so we went to lunch and took Emma to the Children's Museum in The Woodlands.

Saturday and Sunday were full days, too. Saturday Emma and I went to a baby shower and she stayed with my parents afterwards while Michael and I went to see Kevin Fowler. We met up with my niece and her date, Ashley and Michael's cousin and his friends. The concert was great and it was fun to go out again. Sunday when my parents brought Emma home we grilled out in the backyard. Michael cooked ribs & chicken & corn and I made Crash Hot Potatoes. Yum!

So, now it's back to work - back to our regular routine! Emma definitely needed to get back on a schedule honestly. She didn't stay up late too much really, but at her age a bit more structure and routine is definitely a good thing!