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Bye Oreo

We had to say goodbye to our friend today. Oreo was a very good dog & we're going to miss him a lot. It was very hard on Michael and harder b/c he had to make the decision for Oreo, but knew it was time and the right thing to do for him.

We'll miss you Oreo...

She made it about halfway!

Headed back to H-town

Emma's in her traveling mode! Earphones on watching Madagascar and her
neck pillow!! We've had a lot of fun in SA. Saw the "Big Fish" (Shamu)
and did a lot of playing in the water!! Nice couple of days away and
will still have a few more to relax at home now before we have to go
back to work!

Emma's First Roller Coaster Ride

Pete's Pinwheel

Second time out of bed tonight

Emma likes to get up a time or two after going to bed for hugs and
kisses these days... Think she's trying to stay up maybe?

Just a couple cute pics from today...

Emma & Katelynn's cute little tootsies...

Leaving the church today after the baptism...

Jacob playing...

Baby Jacob

Today was a good day. This morning we went to church with Jamie and Steven for Jacob's Baptism. The ceremony was very good and Jacob was such a good boy - as he always is! It was so sweet and when the pastor held up Jacob for the congregation to see you could tell he was straining just a bit...Jacob is a healthy little boy!! It was funny and got a laugh from the congregation, too! It was a blessing to see, though!

Emma was very good during the service, too. She is used to going to church as we go every Sunday, but she doesn't sit in service with us. She is usually in her Sunday School class while we're in the service. It is good for her to sit through the service, though b/c she needs to learn about being quiet during church. When she saw I had her flip flops in her bag, though she decided her lacy socks and church shoes needed to come off and she had to put her flip flops on - it was pretty funny actually!

We spent the day at Jamie & Steven's house - the girls always have a blast playing together. I have a video of them being very bad and jumping on the bed. I'll post that later when I upload it!!

Yesterday was a lot of fun, too. My niece Jessica came into town for the night - she actually had a date here in town Friday night so afterwards she came back here to spend the night. Saturday she, Emma and I spent the day shopping. Jessica is now my shopping muse! I told her when we had more time she had to come back and help me revamp my wardrobe! We had to be back in time for her to get ready for Prom, though! Yes - Prom!! She is actually a teacher and had to be there to chaperon!! LOL! It was funny as she isn't really that much older than her students going to prom - she is only 23! She did look so pretty, though!

Right after she left all dressed up the rain came pouring down - I was glad she made it into her car in time to avoid getting drenched and she was heading away form the storm so I'm sure she outran the rain. I haven't heard how prom when yet, but am anxious to hear about it!

I'm here...I promise!

And I'll do a real post soon - it's just a really busy, busy week!!!


Free Burrow

When my sister bought Trigger (horse) they received this burrow for free - the grandkids heard him called free burrow enough times I guess that they decided it was the burrow's name. So - this is Free Burrow!

While I slave away in the office...

Look what Michael is up to this morning!

Big Fish

You know he could smile...LOL!

Happy (one-day-late) Mother's Day

I'm late in wishing all the other mommies out there a Happy Mother's Day, but wanted to share this sweet picture - this is Polly & Brownie. Polly is my sister's horse (really her grand-kiddos' horse) and when they purchased her they didn't know she was going to be a mommy. A couple weeks ago, though she surprised them with this beautiful little girl.

Brownie is still a little shy & hid behind her mommy a lot, but she did come close enough to me once to take one nice portrait!

In a small town

We rode to the store on ATV's, bought ice cream & sat on the wooden
bench outside the store to eat it! Country kids!!

This is the way we brush our teeth!

Weekend Fun

I took the day off Friday & mother came over to spend the day with Emma & me. Emma wanted to spend the night with her Teta & Geddo, so Michael & I ended up getting to have a date night Friday night! We went out to dinner at Pappa's (always yummy) & then to see Wolverine. Not Michael's favorite genre, but he is a sweetie and went b/c I wanted to see it. It was very good, but I have to admit I did like the other three X-Men movies better. We had a fun night, though - it's nice to have a date night every once in a while.

Saturday morning we bought 25lbs of live crawfish & took it over to my parents' house when we went to pick up Emma. We didn't tell daddy we were bringing it & needless to say he enjoyed the surprise! Michael did a good job cooking it up, too. They were delicious!!

Teresa came over with Abigail & Jacob, too and after we finished eating we brought out the little pool - the kids didn't wait for us to fill it up, though before stripping down & jumping in! They put the slide over the edge and had a blast using it as a diving board! My little daredevil had her Geddo nervous, though and after jumping a while they had to go back to sliding into the water! They had a blast, though.

Sunday we went to church, then our normal brunch at Taqueria Arandas, then home where Emma shortly fell asleep - while she slept her mommy & daddy worked our tails off outside.

(Emma dressed & ready for church)

The flower bed along one side of our house has a fine that acts like a ground cover and as it grows even turns into a bush really - it's huge and takes up all the space - so we have decided it's time to start over. We spent about three hours ripping it all out and take the flower bed back to almost nothing - we left the azalea bushes, a holly tree, and a couple other shrubs and are going to plant a couple gardenia bushes & an oleander. It looks so much cleaner and nicer now and when all those plants "grow up" it's going to be so pretty. Especially when they are all filled in and blooming! I love the smell of gardenia! It was a lot of work and I'm paying the price with an achy back today, but it was worth it to have it all cleaned out and able to start from basically scratch again!



It even looks a bit bare now, but so much cleaner and as the new plants grow it's going to look so nice! I can't wait to see it all come together. I'll post more pics as we continue to work on it in this album.

'Bout to boil 'em up

At my parents' house - Michael is about to put the crawfish on to boil!!

From Boff

Boff did this canvas of Emma and sent it FedEx after he went back to Adu Dhabi. It's gorgeous!!! Now I just need to get it framed!

Happy May Day

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