Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The silence makes me want to scream!

We have had Uverse since January and it has been working great...until Sunday! It quit working for us Sunday - no internet, no television at home. The phone lines were even starting to get very static-y and then Sunday evening they also went dead.


So, we had a technician come out to check our internet/phone service yesterday - he stated that we were too close to the limit distance and had he been the installer for us would have never set us up. Sir (or actually Boy - he looked like a teenager), it's been working wonderfully since January! What happened to change that is what I want you to tell me? So, he tried a few of his magic tricks and nothing worked - when I told him our phone lines were also down he thought maybe there was a connection and not to give up home.

Today another technician (a more senior one I'm told) is going to be at my house checking cables to see if we'll be able to get back up and running. Tomorrow someone is coming out to see about our phone line. In the meantime, I've raised hell on the phone with AT&T today - didn't think phone was related to internet & tv (they are on cable) so why is everything down at once?? So far they have issued a credit to our account for $50 - we'll see how much more trouble they put us through. The technical person I spoke with today is supposed to call me at 7:30 tomorrow morning with a status update regarding the internet and tv.

So, in the meantime we've been watching DVDs in the evening after dinner. Michael isn't a movie watcher, though so he isn't too enthused! And he's been setting his baseball lineup in the evenings from his iPhone. Without tv, internet or home phone it is so quiet inside our house (even though our home phone rarely rings - everyone just calls our cell phones). No wonder my hearing is so bad - I've been exposing my poor ears to more than they are supposed to handle! You would think I would enjoy the silence, but I've come to need the background noise. When I lived alone as soon as I came into the house I would flip on the tv and go about doing whatever I needed to do...during one move it was a couple of days before I had service so I would flip on a DVD and just let it play in the background so it wouldn't be so silent.

So, hopefully the tech will call me in the morning with good news - I don't want to go through setting up new service again - though if I do, who do you recommend going with?


  1. Jamie Kubeczka4/21/2009 06:14:00 AM

    UGH... I am sure Michael is flipping out missing the playoff games! That is horrible... We have At & T for our home phone and internet only. I tried to get Uverse, but it was not available in our area, and to be honest the sales person said it's just so new it's really not anywhere. So I thought oh well, so I use Comcast for our cable, and have been pretty happy with them! I know it's a pain having to call any of those people, because it seems like your on the phone for at least an hour everytime!!

  2. That is a bummer - we love our Uverse! We only use it for internet & TV though (and it isn't run on the standard cables to get to your house, and it has to do with junction boxes and stuff - that is the limit he was talking about), we use Vonage for our phone. A lot cheaper, and the features it offers are just plain COOL.

    Tell Michael he can come over here and watch the games on our UVerse. We have more TVs then we do people, so he could have one all to himself!


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